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Coming back to anything after a long break isn’t always easy.  Especially during the 2020 pandemic, many people haven’t had the chance to maintain their badminton shots, footwork, and sometimes even overall fitness.  Here are some things to keep in mind when you finally make it back on the courts:

1. Take It Easy

Take it easy, both physically and mentally.  It’s really easy to get back on to the courts and expect yourself to play just as well as you had been before, but that may be an unreasonable expectation.  If you haven’t had the opportunity to stay in shape, it’s extremely possible you might overwork your muscles and injure yourself!  Not only this, but your expectations and mentality might just have you leaving the courts in a sour mood.  Remember to ease back into the sport and just have fun playing!  Your shots and footwork will come back in time, so trying to rush back into it may do more damage than good.

2. Don?t Forget about Cardio (Especially for Singles!)

Cardio.  So many of us dread it, but it’s truly this combined with a fighting spirit that keeps good rallies going.  Even if you don’t get all the same shots that you used to, you’ll at least be able to keep up with the length of the game, and you might just be able to outlast your opponent!  Win or lose, you’ll also have enough breath to go another round, effectively increasing your capacity to play more and train back your skills in one go!

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3. Go Back to the Basics

It’s totally understandable to want to go straight to games, and for the fun of it, you should!  You’ll soon realize that your favorite shot might not be as clean as it used to be or your footwork is sloppier than before, and the fastest way to get your shots and footwork back is to drill the basics.  The fundamentals of badminton lie in footwork, shots, and game sense; drills work on all of these, and will help you get back to peak shape quickly!

4. Try New Techniques!

The nice thing about coming back after a while is that your bad habits might not be as prevalent anymore! This will allow you to reset your work on new techniques that you might have been too afraid to try due to deeply ingrained bad habits. After a long break, you probably want to start off playing for fun, so why not try that new trick shot while the stakes aren’t high? It might just end up being your new favorite shot!

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Stay Humble

Last but definitely not least is to stay humble.  You never know what other people have been up to during your time off of badminton; for all you know they could have been taking a break too!  Coming back to badminton after a long time, you should focus on yourself and your own progress in regaining your skills.  You might pick it back up faster than others, but from then you should work on pushing your limits and remember to just have fun with it all!

All in all, nothing is guaranteed to be the same when coming back to a sport after a long time.  What’s important is that you keep an open mind about how well you’ll pick it back up.  Even if it ends up being a slow grind back to your peak, remember how you got there in the first place, and above all, have fun!

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