How to Stay Motivated in Your Competitive Sport

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When we spend day in and day out grinding in our competitive sport, our work, or really just anything, we can find ourselves burning out and lacking motivation to continue pushing ourselves to our limits. For everyone, we need to find ways to keep our positivity level high and get to the next training session or finish up our work for the week. Even I have these issues often – finding it hard to push myself during training, write more blog posts, or even create new YouTube videos! Let’s take a look at some ways we can mentally reset and find new motivation and happiness to do what we need to do.

Stay Disciplined

Sometimes, the best thing that you can do is just stay disciplined. What matters is that you show up and you finish up the workout even though your heart might not be in it. These days, it might feel easy to give yourself a day off or take a break and say we can finish it off next time.

Discipline is crucial for anyone looking to succeed. If you can do these things on your worst days, you can do them even better on your best days! Set a schedule for yourself and stick to it. Don’t give yourself easy excuses to skip going to the gym or finishing up your homework – sometimes, you just have to grind it out and do it!

Take a Rest

I’ve often talked about the importance of rest days! Sometimes, your body might be telling you that it’s at its physical or mental limit. At these times, it might be better to give yourself a day (or even a week) off and completely reset. Letting yourself take a break and refresh might help you find more energy when you get back on the court. You could find yourself loving what you do once again if you don’t feel like it becomes a constant grind. Rest days are important for helping your body and mind relax.

Set Smaller Goals

Many of us set extremely ambitious goals (reach the Olympics, become a millionaire, …) without setting actual realizable milestones on the way to those amazing goals. If you are only focused on this end result, you might find yourself getting frustrated you aren’t reaching that level fast enough! You can’t see the minor improvements you are gaining every single day — instead, you are focused solely on the end result and it’s not coming fast enough!

Set smaller goals! Tell yourself you will run 1 second faster next week. Let yourself do 15 more reps of jump ropes during each set that you do. When you set smaller goals that you can actually finish up, you will feel more accomplished and more excited for each thing that you need to do. Seeing yourself surpass the limits that you set each week gives yourself a sense of accomplishment and a feeling of pride.

Be Patient

It’s not always easy to keep working hard, but trust me, it will be worth it. We all have the potential to do great things in our lives as long as we stay patient and we put in the work.

Some weeks may feel infinitely longer than others and some days may just feel impossible to get through. Stay disciplined, give yourself a break, or just set some smaller goals. Those days and weeks will pass and you will be able to find yourself re-motivated and re-energized – ready to tackle the next challenge in front of you!

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