Pressure During Trainings – Why?

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If your goal is to play in any sort of badminton tournament, keep on reading. In this post, we will discuss why it is crucial to add pressure to your training sessions and a few ways that you can do this!

Why Should We Add Pressure?

Imagine you are playing a tournament and there is a huge crowd of people watching. Your blood is pumping and your whole body is sweating. It’s 3rd game, 19-19. How would you feel?

For most of us, of course we are going to be nervous. No one wants to lose — everyone wants to win! Your legs may not be able to move as well due to the pressure. Your hand might be shaking so you won’t be able to hit the shots that you normally are able to. You are going to feel nervous.

This is why we want to add pressure to our training sessions. We need to find ways to simulate in any sort of way the nerves that we feel during tournaments. If we can come close to simulating this pressure, we will be more used to it during a tournament and we will be able to handle the intense situations!

How Can We Add Pressure?

Pressure can be added on-court or off-court. Let’s take a look at a few examples!

During Drills

Adding pressure to drills is the best way to simulate these on court nervous situations. One way we can do this is adding a limit of shots before we are allowed to make mistakes. For example, we can do a certain drill but place a restriction that we are not allowed to make a mistake before 25 shots. Of course, now you will be more focused on getting the shot over the net and in the court because you don’t want to make a mistake — at the same time, you might feel a bit of nerves when you try to not make a mistake.

Another way is to make sure you reach every shot. If there is a shot that you do not touch, you will have to do some sort of punishment. This will force yourself to go for all the hard shots and not let any go, something that will come in-handy when you are playing a tough opponent during a tournament.

During Conditioning

Conditioning is another great time to add pressure in your training sessions. When you are running, you can impose a time limit for your runs, making sure that beat this time limit each time. If not, you will have to do some sort of punishment or re-do the run altogether. This could be extremely hard depending on the pace you are running.

For jumprope, you can do something similar. Give yourself either a time limit or a number of skips where you can’t make any mistakes. This will require more focus on your part and the willingness to work hard under pressure. It won’t be easy, but this added pressure will make you work harder and make less mistakes.

Add Pressure!

Adding pressure to your training will shine a new light on how you approach training currently. With this added pressure, you may find it easier to perform during tight situations during competitions.

Thanks for reading another blog post! If you are interested in learning more about how to improve in badminton, make sure you stop by our YouTube channel to see more content!

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