3 Places to Purchase Badminton Gear

Published September 8, 2021

Low to high-end options that can work for any budget 

Whether you are a beginner at a new sport or an expert looking for new gear, this is the article for you. While our focus is on badminton, these stores do sell the gear, equipment, and apparel needed for other sports and allow this information to be useful for anyone. The load required to play a proper game of badminton is a racket, a shuttlecock, acceptable attire (shoes, shorts, and top), and equipment (such as a net if you are playing at home). 

When trying a new hobby or sport, most people do not want to buy high-end equipment until they are sure that it is a hobby that they enjoy and will continue with. So, in this article, we will be breaking down three of the go-to places where you can purchase badminton gear, with options ranging from low to high-end—allowing anyone to enjoy the sport and be fully prepared for their next game. 

Throughout this article, we have linked gear, equipment, and apparel options from each store to ensure that you can easily find the items we mention.

Low-End Option: Walmart

Known for its low prices, Walmart is a staple for anyone trying something new. They have inexpensive options that tend to fit any budget. 

Walmart sells each item needed individually or in convenient sets, allowing you to save money when purchasing your gear further. This option can be a one-stop-shop for everything that you may need to play badminton like a pro or in the comfort of your yard, whether that be apparel or equipment and gear.

Middle of the Road Option: Dick’s Sporting Goods

One of the most popular sporting stores known to many is Dick’s Sporting Goods. A store where parents and kids have gone for years to buy cleats, athletic socks, football equipment, and more. They also carry badminton equipment and gear at a moderate price point.

Similar to their low-cost competitor, Dick’s Sporting Goods also sells the necessary gear and equipment individually as well as insets. They also carry any apparel that may be needed for the sport, making this option not only a good compromise price-wise but also convenient. 

High-End Option: Franklin 

Franklin is a high-end brand known primarily for its sporting equipment. Whether you are looking for a soccer ball, football, baseball gloves or bats, volleyball knee pads, badminton rackets, etc., they seem to have it all. They have high-end products to meet any sporting-related need that you may have. The only downside to Franklin is that they do not offer athletic apparel options, so those will need to be bought elsewhere if you prefer the high-end choice. 

Franklin is an excellent high-end option for gear and equipment if you are looking to purchase them individually or in sets. They have multiple options for each allowing you to pick what you want.

Since Franklin does not sell athletic apparel, we wanted to include a few high-end apparel options as well. These are well-known brands that are praised for their high quality and comfortable apparel. 

  • Nike – is not only a well-known athletic brand but they are also known for their durability. They have socks, shoes, shirts, shorts, and more for men, women, and kids.
  • Gymshark – has athletic apparel options for men and women, ideal for any sport or athletic activity. They are known for their quality material and comfort.
  • Lululemon – a fan favorite amongst many athletes and gym-goers, also offers apparel for men and women. They are so popular because of their quality warranty, which allows you to take an item back at any point if it does not perform well for you or begins to show signs of wear from everyday use. 

These are our top three options for purchasing badminton equipment, gear, and apparel at a variety of different price points. Whether you are new to the sport or looking to replace old gear, we hope that this article could provide you with some insight into the options available. You do not always have to spend a lot to enjoy a sport. 

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