5 Great Gifts for Someone Who Loves Badminton

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2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday gift ideas for badminton enthusiasts are a breeze, but new rackets can get expensive!  We’ve compiled a list of smashing good gifts for someone who loves badminton.  Man, woman, or child, these gifts are sure to bring a smile to the face of any shuttlers on the ‘Nice’ list this Christmas season.  The best part?  All of these gifts can be ordered from the comfort of your couch!  Happy Holidays!

5. Badminton Apparel

The Ugly Christmas Sweater – Badminton Style

Make sure your loved ones are prepared for the Ugly Christmas Sweater Season with this fabulous ugly Christmas sweater – badminton style!

The NSFW Badminton Tee

For that friend with a great sense of humor, this t-shirt is sure to garner some laughs as they head to their favorite Badminton Club for a training sesh!  This falls under the category of perfect gifts for someone who loves badminton and has a wicked sense of humor.

Badminton Socks

When your friends and family need to snazz up their footwear, this pair of socks is sure to look great peeking out from under their favorite pair of badminton shoes!  Give the gift of stylishly snuggly feet.

4.  Christmas Badminton Ornaments 

Blown Glass Shuttlecock

Every shuttler needs to wake up to a reminder of their favorite sport shining from the tree on Christmas morning.  This hand-crafted, hand-painted shuttlecock glistens in the holiday lights as a reminder of the sport they love!  Wrap it up for a friend, and snag one for yourself!  It’s one of those perfect holiday gifts for someone who loves badminton and a little sparkle.

Personalized Badminton Gifts

If you were looking for a more personalized gift, this ceramic tree ornament is a perfect choice.  You can have it personalized with your loved one’s name and the year to commemorate this holiday season.

Rackets and Birdie Ornament

This hand-blown glass ornament features two rackets and a shuttlecock and is festive enough for any tree this year.  This is one of those simple, yet meaningful badminton gifts that will remind them of you every year as they pull it out to decorate the tree.

3.  Jewelry

Pandora Charms

Pandora is a favorite for charm collectors worldwide.  This lovely, sterling silver shuttlecock charm has just a touch of pink enamel.  It’s the perfect addition to a badminton player’s Pandora charm bracelet. 

Gold Chain and Pendant – Badminton Birdie

For the gold lover in your life, Rembrandt makes this 10K Yellow gold birdie pendant and offers multiple chain lengths and styles to satisfy every taste.

Men’s Badminton Cuff Links

Jewelry and badminton don’t seem like a likely pair, but believe it or not there’s some beautiful badminton jewelry for both men and women.  These classy men’s cuff links are etched with a subtle shuttlecock image and are the perfect gift for someone who loves badminton.

2.  Badminton Books Make the Perfect Stocking Stuffer

Badminton For All by Frank Devlin

This book is a badminton classic, written by one of the most legendary badminton players.  Taking the sport back to its roots, this book would make an amazing stocking stuffer.  Need to check out the author’s credentials before making a purchase?  See our blog post on the Devlin Legacy.

Badminton Handbook by Meyer and Meyer Sport

This book will give recipients a two-fold insight into badminton strategy, and badminton history.  For the beginner who wants to study badminton training theory, this is the perfect holiday gift idea!

Badminton For Beginners by Stephen Plitt

This book is the perfect gift for someone who loves badminton but is just starting out. It offers skills and drills, as well as technique building for beginner level players.

1.  Phone Accessories for Badminton Fanatic

For the Badminton Fan With All the Latest Tech

Though you may not be able to afford to buy the new iPhone 12 for your friend, sibling, or significant other, you may be able to dress their phone up with a fun, retro-style phone case featuring their favorite projectile:  the shuttlecock!

Give Your Friend the Gift of Accessories 

This retro-style pop-socket will be the perfect accessory to the aforementioned phone case and will make a great addition that can wrap up this gift set.  

Gifts for Someone Who Loves Badminton, and Android

Perhaps your friend or loved one is on Team Android instead of sporting the latest iPhone.  No sweat!  We have you covered.  Check out this sweet phone case for the Samsung Galaxy S8.  It’s just what they’ll want to have on their phone when they call their badminton coach to let them know they’ve had too much egg nog to come to practice tonight!

Bonus: Stocking Stuffers for Someone Who Loves Badminton

1. Inexpensive Keychain Stocking Stuffer for Someone Who Loves Badminton

This keychain is an inexpensive stocking stuffer for a quick, last-minute gift – perfect as a small thank you for a coach or doubles partner. 

2. LED Shuttlecocks, For The One Who Lights Up Your Life

This gift is for that person who lights up your life.  The perfect stocking stuffer for someone who loves badminton, but also loves to have fun and lights up every room they enter.  These LED shuttlecocks are bright and festive.  Though not intended for tournament play, they’re a definite ‘hit’ for a practice session on a dark wintry night.  

3. Badminton Notebook:  The Gift for Tracking Training

This is the perfect gift for someone who loves badminton and is serious about keeping track of their training hours, techniques, and strategies.  It’s a blank composition notebook whose empty pages yearn to be filled with potential.  This is a great gift on a stocking stuffer budget.

Tying It All Up (And Wrapping It With A Bow)

If this list of gift ideas didn’t hit the nail on the head for that special person in your life, check out our blog post on essential pieces of badminton gear, and see if your special someone need to replace or add any of these things in their badminton training kit bag.  

At the end of the shopping day, remember it’s the thought that counts.  That person in your life who loves badminton also loves you and will appreciate the sentiment of whatever you decide.  The perfect gifts for someone who loves badminton are the gifts of your appreciation, thoughtfulness, and generosity.  

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