6 Best Badminton Shoes on the Market In 2022

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Finding the right badminton footwear is essential for your game. Not only can your shoes protect you from injury, but they also help you stay agile and stable on the court.

If you’ve been on the lookout for new shoes, you know it can be tricky to find the right pair. So, how can you know which shoes will perform well on the court? What are the best badminton shoes on the market today?

Below, discover six of the best badminton shoes in 2022, along with some of the most important features to consider before you buy.

How to Choose Your Badminton Shoes

As you browse the countless badminton shoes on the web, it can be tough to figure out which qualities are most important.

So, here are some quick tips on what matters most in a badminton shoe (or visit this page for a complete guide.)

  • Support: Leaping, twisting, and running means you’ll need solid support for your ankles, knees, and feet.
  • Weight: A heavy shoe can bog you down on the court. For maximum speed, a lightweight shoe is the way to go.
  • Traction: High-quality grip will keep you balanced and stable.
  • Non-marking: It’s important that your shoes don’t leave streaks on the court. So, look for shoes labeled as non-marking and designed for indoor court wear.
  • Durability: You’ll want a shoe that stands the test of time (and hours of daily training!) A good shoe will survive at least six months, but some can last for closer to a year or longer.
  • Pricing: Not everyone has an extra $150 to buy a pair of shoes, and that’s okay. You can spend less and still get a quality product. At the same time, your badminton shoes are an investment, and you might find that you gravitate towards higher-end options as time goes on.

The Best Badminton Shoes in 2022

Without further ado, here are the best badminton shoes on the market in 2022.

1. Best Affordable Option for Women: ASICS Women’s Upcourt 2 Volleyball Shoes

If you’re on the hunt for affordability and quality, the ASICS Women’s Upcourt 2s are the way to go. They aren’t specifically designed for badminton, but they’re still a great option for on-the-court footwear.

The pros are that they’re lightweight, comfortable, and durable enough to last through several months of play or longer. Beyond that, ASICS created these shoes with breathable material and full-length rubber outsoles for maximum grip.

As a whole, they’re a fantastic ladies’ shoe with solid foot support at a budget-friendly price.

Check out the ASICS Women’s Upcourt 2 Shoes on Amazon

2. Best Affordable Option for Men: ASICS Men’s Upcourt 2 Volleyball Shoes

The ASICS Men’s Upcourt 2s are one of the best affordable options on the market right now. They’re not badminton-specific shoes, but they are designed for athletes who need to move, stop, and turn on a dime.

They’re also made of breathable, airflow-boosting material, so your feet stay cool on the court.

Check out the ASICS Men’s Upcourt 2 Shoes on Amazon

3. Best Mid-Range Option for Women: Li-Ning Women’s Professional Training Badminton Shoes

The Li-Ning Women’s Professional Training Badminton Shoes are built with breathability, comfort, and shock absorption in mind. Li-Ning also equipped them with non-marking EVA/rubber outsoles to help you maximize grip and prevent slipping on the court.

Overall, this is one of the best mid-tier women’s badminton shoes available in 2022.

Check out the Li-Ning Women’s Professional Training Badminton Shoes on Amazon

4. Best Mid-Range Option for Men: Li-Ning Men’s Saga Lightweight Badminton Shoes

The Li-Ning Men’s Saga shoes land in the sweet spot of price, quality, and durability. Li-Ning created this model with powerful sole support to prevent injury and absorb shock with every step. These shoes also include an extra layer of reinforcement to boost their wear and longevity.

All in all, the Li-Ning Men’s Sagas are everything you want in a mid-priced, high-quality piece of footwear.

Check out the Li-Ning Men’s Saga Lightweight Badminton Shoes on Amazon

5. Best High-End Women’s Badminton Shoes: Yonex Power Cushion Aerus 3 LX Ladies’ Badminton Shoes

If you’re ready to invest in a shoe that can take your game to the next level, the Yonex Power Cushion Aerus 3 LXs are the elite choice.

Yonex went all out to minimize the weight of this shoe, resulting in one of their lightest shoes ever. This means agile and precise footwork without the weight of clunky footwear holding you back.

The Aerus 3 LXs also come with maximum durability and shock absorption, so your joints stay protected with every step, lunge, and jump.

Check out the Yonex Aerus 3 LX Ladies’ Badminton Shoes on Amazon

6. Best High-End Men’s Badminton Shoes: Yonex Power Cushion Eclipsion Z Shoes

The Yonex Power Cushion Eclipsion Zs are a top-of-the-line option for stability, grip, and speed on the court.

These shoes include Blade Sole technology to stabilize each step you take. They’re also built with power cushion shock absorption, which does more than just soak up the impact from your movements. Yonex states that this cushion can actually reverse impactenergy for a smooth transition to your next move after every step.

Check out the Yonex Power Cushion Eclipsion Z Men’s Badminton Shoes on Amazon

What to Keep In Mind Before Choosing Your Shoes

The shoes covered here all make the cut for top-tier badminton footwear. They offer the durability, support, and comfort that every athletic shoe should have (on top of their badminton-focused features.)

However, your foot shape, bone structure, and support needs are unique. So, you might find it helpful to visit your nearest badminton store and try on a few different models. That way, you can get an in-person sense of sizing, support, and the way each shoe feels on your foot.

Ultimately, your badminton shoes are an investment, so don’t be afraid to research and take as much time as you need before you buy.

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