Badminton Gear Essentials for Cold Weather

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The cold season is here! Badminton has the advantage that it is played (for the most part) indoors. Most of the time, this allows us to avoid those blazing hot days and take shelter during the rainy or snowy days. However, there still are days where the gyms are just too cold! Here are my personal list of essentials to keep me warm on the court during these cold days – preventing injuries and helping me play better when my joints and muscles feel too stiff.

Compression Pants

Compression pants are my #1 go-to during the winter season – you can see me wearing these in many of my videos on my YouTube channel! My brand of choice is Under Armour’s Heat Gear leggings at $21.65 per pants. For a cheaper option, I also like Roadbox’s Pack of 2 Compression Pants at $21.36. I own both of these types of leggings and rotate through them during my weekly trainings.

I find that these compression pants help to stay warm during trainings or between sets of a match when the gym is extremely cold. Additionally, they help keep my joints warm and get me going to start the training session – when otherwise, I would feel too cold to even take off my sweatpants to warm up. They all feel extremely tight and comfortable and does not inhibit my footwork or conditioning movements at all!

Compression Shirt

Similar to the compression shorts, the compression shirts are things I commonly wear as well. The only difference is that this is for your upper body! For me, I only wear these when the days are extremely cold as I feel my swinging movement feels a little different when wearing these versus not wearing it.

My go-to brand is DEVOPS 2-pack Thermal Compression shirts at $22.98. The fit has always been perfect and they have a wide array of different colors to choose from.

Massage Gun

The massage gun is my most used piece of equipment – particularly around the winter time. Year round, it is always an amazing option to help me recover from tough training sessions or tournaments. During the winter, it is my greatest weapon. It helps get my muscles loose and joints warm before training sessions. It also helps me loosen up my muscles after training sessions and make sure that my body is not too stiff the next day when I wake up. The best thing is the portability of this tool – bring this anywhere, anytime, and you will always find a use for it!

There are a wide variety of different massage guns on the market right now, here are 2 of my favorites.

Cholas Massage Gun – $65.99. This is one of the best budget massage guns you can get on Amazon today, with different heads, adjustable speeds and more!

FITPULSE Massage Gun – $100. This is another well-known massage gun that comes with even more heads to get into different muscle groups and tissues.

Hyperice / Hypervolt Massage Gun – $249.00. Probably the most well known massage gun on the market. This brand has been endorsed by many top athletes in all disciplines around the world. There may be a lot of features you didn’t even know you needed (or don’t even need!). Buy this if you have a lot of extra money to spare!

Choose the best gear for yourself

Again, all of the mentioned gear above are pieces of equipment I use everyday when the cold season hits. These are not essentials to play badminton, but do help a big deal when your body aches in times of cold weather. Thankfully, badminton is played indoors so we don’t need a ton of extra gear! If you’d like to see what other gear I use around the year, check out my list of best badminton shoes, best badminton rackets, and my essential pieces of badminton gear.

Hope everyone is staying safe and enjoying the holiday season this year!

Justin Ma

I am passionate about helping people find joy in playing badminton, while also showing them how competitive the sport can be.

Justin Ma


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