Best Badminton Grip for Sweaty Hands: 3 Options To Reduce Slip

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If you’ve been researching badminton grips lately, you’re probably familiar with smooth, tacky options like Yonex Super Grap. But for players who struggle with sweaty palms, what kind of other options are there?

Aside from classic overgrip tape, the good news is that certain kinds of cloth, towel, and polyurethane (PU) grips can help minimize the impact of sweat on your game. Plus, other types of badminton gear — like grip powder — can go an even longer way in keeping your palms dry and improving your control.

Below, we’ll dive into the details on the three best badminton grips for sweaty hands, plus a few extra tips and tools to help you minimize slip on the court. 

Best Badminton Grips for Sweaty Hands: Top 3 Options

Here are the best badminton grips for sweaty hands, along with their pros, cons, and where to pick them up:

Yonex Towel Grip

If you’re concerned about sweat absorption above all else, towel grips are the best option to start with.

Like the name suggests, these grips are made with a towel-like material that absorbs excess moisture from the wrists and hands. And while they’re different from traditional tacky grip tape, their cushioning and texture still provide a solid in-hand feel and good control.

One potential drawback of towel grips is that they can get stiffer and dirtier faster than polyurethane (PU) grips. But if sweaty palms have been interfering with your game lately, these grips are one of the best options to go for. 

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Yonex Dry Grap

Yonex Dry Grap isn’t made with cloth like the Yonex Towel Grip. Instead, it’s made with a PU material that absorbs moisture and helps keep your grip stable, regardless of sweaty palms.

At 0.65 mm thick, the Dry Grap provides a cushiony feel to absorb shock and improve shot control and handling. And compared to other badminton grips for sweaty hands, it offers a softer, more velvety surface — which is a bit different than the cloth-like feel you’d get with a towel grip.

All in all, it’s a great option for players who like the feel of PU grips, but need a bit more sweat-wicking power.

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Tourna Grip

Tourna Grip is most often used for tennis, but it also works well for other sports like squash and badminton. 

According to Tourna, this grip is meant to get tackier the more you sweat — and unlike smooth options like Yonex Super Grap (which is still a great overgrip in the right situations), it tends to hold up better under humid, moist conditions.

One potential downside of this grip is that it doesn’t always last a long time — but if you’re OK with regripping your racket handle a little more often, Tourna Grip could be well worth trying out.

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More Tips To Minimize Sweat and Slip in Badminton

When you’re playing in a humid or hot environment, your overgrip alone might not be enough to help you avoid the impact of sweat on your game. Luckily, there are other steps you can take to reduce moisture and slip, including:

  • Trying grip powder. Grip powder acts as another line of defense against sweaty hands and slip. Some players prefer to use simple chalk powder, but for added grip, you can opt for racket-specific powders instead. These are made of materials like calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate, and resins, which give added grip control on top of absorbing sweat. 
  • Picking up a sweat wristband. This will help prevent sweat and moisture from running down your arm and onto your hand. 
  • Wiping your hands off in between rallies (or whenever you have a chance). Although it seems like a no-brainer, this small habit is another simple way to manage sweat in longer matches.

The Takeaway 

If you’ve been looking for the best badminton grips for sweaty hands, you might be all too familiar with mishitting shots due to your grip slipping. Fortunately, the options and tips above can all help you improve control and sidestep the effect of sweat on your game.

Towel grips are probably your best place to start if you’re dealing with a lot of moisture. But other grips like the Yonex Dry Grap and Tourna Grip are also excellent options — especially when combined with a wristband and grip powder.

Looking for more help with badminton gear? Visit the blog today for in-depth reviews, roundups, and more to level up your game.

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Interested In Getting Your Badminton Game To The Next Level - Quickly?
Together with a team of former Badminton Olympians we coach entrepreneurs and professionals to master badminton. Quickly.

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