Extra Gear to Upgrade your Training Sessions

Published January 21, 2021

In a previous post, I talked about the essentials that I bring with me to every training session. In this post, I’d like to share some extra gear that I bring to some of my training sessions to either focus on specific parts of my body, or just to increase the intensity of the session as a whole. Rackets, shoes, and bags are not the only things you might bring to a training session. If you feel like you can use an extra boost in your training sessions and your game, definitely check out the following items. It’ll be worth it!

Weight Vests

When we do the same training sessions over and over, our bodies get stronger and adapt to the intensity. For most of us, we only have a fixed amount of time to train, so we can’t increase the number of sets. To make these training sessions even harder, we can integrate a weight vest into our sessions. Having to carry around this extra weight makes all of the exercises you do more effective – running, jumprope, and even footwork exercises can all be done with this extra weight.

My personal weight vest of choice, is the Tone Fitness Black Weighted Vest 12lbs, at $39.99. Having used many weight vests through my career, I find that this one is the only one that provides a snug fit and lets me do all the exercises without worrying about it bouncing around.

Foam Rollers

We all know the feeling of being drastically sore and in pain after tough training sessions. Foam rollers help us roll out those sore muscles and get us recovered faster, or warmed up properly before the next training sessions.

My foam roller of choice is this Textured Foam Roller at $26.99. The textured grooves help to dig deep into your muscles and tissue and knead the soreness out. If you are new to foam rolling, I suggest you start out with a Smooth Foam Roller, at $12.99. These are easier to use and do not cause as much pain when it digs into your muscles.

Fitness Tracker

Personally, my favorite accessory is a fitness tracker. It is amazing to see how many calories we burn, the distance we travel, and my heart rate through a badminton match. The fitness tracker that I wear is the Fitbit Inspire 2 at $99.99. This is definitely an unnecessary extra, but I find it amazing how much we work when we’re playing badminton!

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are a great way to tone different parts of your body, warm up, or get a great workout in – the best part is that it is completely portable as well. Especially in badminton, resistance bands can help us properly train our form for shots like smashes. This resistance band set, which includes looped bands as well as tubular ones, is a great steal at $29.99. Try these resistance bands out in your next training sessions and see how you like it!

Balance Balls

Balance is extremely important in badminton. Shots require jumps, lunges, and squats to get to the place you need to go, while still staying standing. It is important to spend some time working on your balance. There are many different ways to train your balance in general, but these 3 accessories can help bring those exercises to another level.

Bosu Balance Pods – $28.99. These are great for single leg or double leg exercises, like single leg squats. These are extremely versatile and great to strengthen different joints in your legs.

Bosu Balance Trainer Pro – $139.00. This is the original Bosu Ball for balance training. This can handle the single / double leg exercises, but also can help with core and other stability exercises.

Balance Ball – $19.99. These balance balls are great for a variety of balance and stability exercises. If you are good at balance, you can try sitting on top of it with no legs on the ground and having a training partner toss you objects, and see if you can keep your balance!


These items are accessories that I commonly bring to my training sessions, though they are not essentials. I find that the weight vest is able to help me get out of my limited time training sessions. The foam roller helps me to recover and prepare for my next tough training sessions. The Fitbit is a great way to help me feel satisfied from a hard day’s work and gets me to look forward to the next time I can do the same. All these accessories find a way to help me in my training sessions or for recovery. Let me know what you think of them after you give them a try. See you all in the next post!

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