What Are the Best Badminton Strings for Hitting Sound?

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Everyone talks about the best badminton strings for smash, control, and power — but what about hitting sound? If you’re someone who loves hearing a crisp ting as your strings hit the shuttle, you might wonder which options are best for you.

In this post, we’ve put together four of the best badminton strings for hitting sound, complete with their pros, cons, and where to pick them up. Let’s dive in!

What Makes a Good Badminton String for Hitting Sound?

Generally, higher string tension is what makes a cleaner, sharper, contact noise. But to get this sound, you’ll need a racket that can handle those tension levels.

Beyond that, many of the strings with the best ting sounds are thinner, which means they might break more easily and more often.

Sweet spot hits also tend to sound a lot more satisfying (and are better for your racket) — so if you’re after the best performance, durability, and sound, always aim to hit there

4 Best Badminton Strings for Hitting Sound

The “best” hitting sound isn’t something you can measure scientifically. But after comparing strings and their reviews, here are some of the best options to consider for sharp-sounding shots:

1. Yonex BG 80 Power

Tons of badminton players will say the BG 80s and BG 80 Powers are some of the best strings ever — not just for hitting sound but also for repulsion, durability, and control. 

These 0.68 mm wide, hard-feeling strings are built for offensive players wanting to dominate the court. Their wider diameter gives them a boomier sound compared to the higher crispy “ting” sounds you might get from super thin strings like the BG 66 Ultimax.

Overall, these are incredibly satisfying strings that offer top-notch power, control, and durability. 

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2. Yonex Aerobite

When it comes to the best strings for hitting sound, the Yonex Aerobites are well-loved among players of all skill levels.

Yonex ranks these highly for repulsion power, shock absorption, and control. And in terms of hitting sound, they’re rated a 9/10.

As a medium-feel, 0.67 mm-wide string, some people describe the Aerobites as being “stickier” than harder options — like the BG 80 Powers. But if you’re someone who likes a little more control, this might be something you want in a crisp-sounding string. 

On the flip side, since they are softer and thinner, they can be less durable over time compared to thicker options. But all in all, they’re a superb string for players looking for a sharp, satisfying “ting” with every smash.

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3. Yonex BG Ultimax 66

The BG 66 Ultimax is a 0.65 mm-wide string made for repulsion power, control, and crisp, clean hitting sounds. This string has even been complimented by Olympic badminton player, Taufik Hidayat, for its hitting sound and power. 

Because the Ultimax 66s are so thin and aerodynamic, they’re not necessarily the best in terms of durability. But with regular upkeep, they’re still a spectacular string for satisfying, crisp smashes in every rally.

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4. Li-Ning No. 1

The Li-Ning No. 1s are another thin, high-quality string for great-sounding shots. 

They’re often compared to the Ultimax 66s, but players say the Li-Ning No. 1s have a slightly slippier feel. And after they’re broken in, they tend to work better than other strings in terms of keeping their tension. 

As for specs — these strings are just 0.65 mm wide and made of heat-resistant material to improve their durability. Plus, Li-Ning built them with 3D Knit technology to make them even stronger. 

Overall, these are the strings to look into if you’re seeking a sharp-sounding, pro-trusted option with great playability.

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The Takeaway

Badminton strings aren’t one-size-fits-all. But if you want sharper, more satisfying shots in your game, the options above are a great place to start.

To see (and hear) the best sounding strings in action, it can also be helpful to watch some video reviews before you buy. And for more insight, be sure to check out what the badminton community has been saying about their favorite sounding strings.

Choosing the perfect strings for your racket and playstyle can take some trial and error. But by testing out a few, you’re bound to find some that give you crisp, clean-sounding shots in every match.

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