What Is The Best Equipment For Badminton?

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Badminton is an exciting sport that does not require a ton of stamina. It can be played by just about everyone and is extremely fun. If you are considering playing badminton, you need to shop for the right equipment. It will allow you to beat your opponents and take your gameplay to the next level. To help equip with every piece of equipment that a serious badminton player needs, we have prepared a list of some of the best badminton gear. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started.

1. Extra Strings

One of the things that you need to play badminton is extra strings. Having an extra racket is ideal. But, it can prove to be costly which is why you need to get an extra set of strings. It is a more economical option as well. In case your strings break during a game, you can utilize them by removing the existing strings and adding the extra strings in their place.

My choice of string is the Yonex BG 66 Ultimax. Pick up a reel and let me know how you like it!

Also, check out the Best Badminton Strings: A Complete Buyer’s Guide to help you choose which badminton strings to buy.

2. Extra Grip

When you compete in a badminton match, it is possible for the racket grip to become loose. This is especially true when you have a simple towel grip that covers the original one. Hence, it is in your best interests to get an extra grip. You can easily replace the old grip with it to keep playing.

I love using the Yonex Super Graps – which grip do you normally use?

3. Multiple Shuttlecocks

If there is one thing that you need with you at all times, it is multiple shuttlecocks. Feather shuttlecocks are suitable for serious badminton. However, they end up morphing out of shape very quickly. This results in the aerodynamics of the shuttle reducing and preventing you from your best game. Therefore, you have no option but to carry 3 to 4 extra shuttlecocks with you to replace the spoilt shuttlecock.

There is such a wide variety of shuttlecocks for you to pick up, but I highly recommend the Yonex Aerosensa shuttlecocks! They are extremely high quality at just the right price. If you need more information about which shuttlecocks are the best for you, then please check out How to Choose the Best Badminton Shuttlecock: A Complete Buyer’s Guide.

4. Choice of Clothes

Next, you need to always keep a change of clothes with you, especially when enrolled in a tournament. Clothes tend to absorb your sweat and end up making you feel hot. By switching into dry clothing, you get to refresh your mind to beat your opponent. If you are using gear such as headbands or wristbands, you will also need to replace them.

5. Towel

If there is one piece of equipment that you must have with you when playing badminton, it is none other than a towel. It will help rejuvenate you during a break. Wiping sweat off your hands and face will allow you to rethink your strategy and clear your mind. Besides, clearing away sweat will make you feel refreshed. It can prove to be just the energy boost you need to win.

Do you have a good sweat towel? If not, you should try one of the Yonex Sports towel in your favorite color.

6. Water Bottle

Lastly, you need to have a water bottle with you at every match. It should be filled so that you can drink water and replenish your body of all the fluids it has lost during the game. Make sure to drink water at regular intervals to prevent lactic acid buildup which causes cramps. 

Personally, I use a Hydroflask – it stores so much water and it’s just so easy to clean.


Now that you know about the best badminton equipment, all you have to do is get it. 

Justin Ma

I am passionate about helping people find joy in playing badminton, while also showing them how competitive the sport can be.

Justin Ma


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