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Finding authoritative and trustworthy badminton blogs isn’t as easy as you’d think.  It’s one of the main reasons I decided to begin blogging about badminton best practices and my journey as a top professional badminton player.

Blogs tend to be run by amateurs who end up lending bad or potentially harmful advice.  A lot of badminton blogs we come across have been inactive for some time.  They aren’t posting the most up to date best practices or the latest training drills.

Some others were difficult to navigate, not user friendly, or didn’t really capture our attention.  After scouring the internet and checking out dozens of badminton blogs – I’ve compiled a list of 13 favorites – based on authority, information, professionalism, or sheer entertainment value.

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1. TOBY NG Blog

This badminton blog is great for learning about the life of one of the best players out there- Olympian Toby NG. He writes about his time in the 2019 Olympics, his love of badminton, and some other fun tidbits with his personal life like his recent wedding. 

If you are in love with the badmitten community, you definitely want to try out this blog!

2. Racket Sports World 

This website is not entirely dedicated to the sport of badminton, but hear me out! This semi badmitten blog has some really valuable information for anyone looking to up their equipment for the year. 

I love how detailed their information is and is one that I refer to often when I am looking to learn a new aspect of the game, like how to properly set up a badminton court. 

3. BadZine

Pitched as the world’s top badminton webzine, this badminton blog has everything that you would ever want in terms of information for the world’s greatest sport. BadZine was launched way back in 2006 and has mastered the art of providing badminton content over the last fifteen years.  

They even break down what we should be watching at upcoming badminton events, like this super informative post on the All England Tournament. 

4. Badminton Coach

As an International Advanced badminton Coach, Paul Stewart started this badminton blog to help players be their best on the court. His obvious addiction for the sport comes out in all of his blog posts as he helps readers develop their badminton skills. 

He is so involved with his blogging community that Stewart even offers 1 on 1 coaching or an online coaching club for anyone interested. 

5. Shuttle Smash

The Shuttle Smash badminton blog goal is to help their readers aim higher, learn more, and to play your best. I think that they definitely accomplish that goal by writing thorough articles to help you with all of your burning badminton questions. In addition, they provides realistic reviews on equipment like the best badminton racquet for you.

For me, this blog is definitely bookmarked for future reference.

Three different women play badminton in this photo.  The Women's Badminton blog caters specifically to women playing the sport.

6. Women’s Badminton 

“A Home For Badminton”.  The tagline you’ll see as you enter this badminton blog.  They keep updating the decor of their home with great new posts every month for years now.  They really focus on the challenges, efforts, and successes of female players.  Covering some of the best female badminton players around the world, there are some very inspiring stories here- like the legendary Saina or Tai Tzu Ying.  For any and all women of badminton, this badminton blog is a hub of empowerment.  

7. Badminton New

This blog is the perfect resource for anyone just starting to become obsessed with the sport of badminton (we’ve all been there). I love how they take the most basic questions and break them down to help any novice player understand the game. 

For anyone looking to share their badminton addiction, this is an excellent blog to be aware of. In fact, this article on the 10 benefits to playing Badminton is an excellent resource to help get your friends and family join you on the court!

8. Badminton Becky

Badminton Becky is a badminton blog about an American girl in China learning all about the sport of badminton. For the last 5 years, she has written about her badminton journey to inspire others to try out my favorite sport. If you can get past a few sporadic  bouts of foul language, her blog posts are on the short list for their entertainment value.

She also provides excellent resources to help people try out different equipment as well as Badminton training camps in China. Though we’re miles apart, we share a love of the same incredible game of badminton.

An image of Jusin Ma, Professional Badminton Player and founder of the BadmintonJustin Blog, is shown hitting a shuttle over the net with the phrase, "Join me on my badminton journey" next to it.

9. Badminton Justin

Badminton Justin is one of the top U.S. Professional badminton players. He..  I mean I…  created this badminton blog to help connect with other players as well as provide insight to help everyone improve their game.  It is our unbiased opinion that this is one of the most authoritative, well written blogs on the internet. *wink wink*

From breaking down the badminton smash shot to providing training and workouts, this blog will help anyone improve on their badminton game. 

10. Everything Badminton

Everything badminton blog provides exactly what the name promises- everything you could ever want to know about badminton! Whether you are a total expert or a newbie, this website is the perfect blog to help solve any questions that may come up on or off the court. 

Even something as simple as the difference between standard and tumble net shots, Everything Badminton helps give an answer. 

11. Badminton Advisor

If you are looking for the ultimate reviews on all things badminton related, then this is an excellent blog to check out. This badminton blog takes all sorts of equipment and reviews it all in an honest way. 

From proper badminton shoes that won’t scuff to the best strings to add to your racket, Badminton Advisor provides truthful feedback for their audience. 

12. Badminton Central

This community forum is the perfect way to connect with badminton players all over the world. There are options to ask questions, post about upcoming tournaments, and share videos of your recent wins. 

It serves as an information source, a sounding board, and a fountain of badminton advice from players at every level.  This is the perfect site to bookmark and connect with likeminded shuttlers. 

13. Badminton Bay’s Blog 

Badminton Bay’s Blog has one goal in mind – to deliver badminton to the world. Located in Malaysia, home of the Badminton World Federation (BWF) headquarters, they are an excellent resource to the badminton community. 

This badminton blog provides product reviews, helpful tips and tricks, and updates on players like the famous coach Tan Hock Peng.  In addition to blogging about badminton news, tips, and tricks, Badminton Bay’s website is actually a sales site for some of the most advanced and new-to-market shoes, rackets, and accessories for the game.

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When a Badminton Blog is Not Enough

It can be difficult to find a quality badminton blog.  The game is growing in North America, but not at the speed we’d like. While not every piece of information on the internet can be reliable, this list of badminton blogs are excellent resources to check out. Whether you are an expert, a complete beginner, or somewhere in between, you’ll definitely want to add these blogs to your bookmark tab for all the information you need to be a smashing badminton player.

We know sometimes words aren’t enough.  Sometimes you just need to see the drill.  See the motion.  See the action on the court.  If this is the case – don’t sweat it.  I got you covered!

To check out some of the tips, tricks and best advice for training and drills that are harder to illustrate in a badminton blog – join us at the BadmintonJustin Youtube Channel and see first hand what it takes to get to the professional level on the court of badminton.

Justin Ma

I am passionate about helping people find joy in playing badminton, while also showing them how competitive the sport can be.

Justin Ma


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