Badminton Stick Smash: Step-by-Step Guide & When to Use

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Have you been looking into badminton smash variations and are wondering how to pull off a stick smash? You’re in the right place. 

The badminton stick smash is a bit different than a full smash — but sometimes, it can be the exact shot you need to gain an advantage in a rally. It can help you mix things up and maintain your offense, even when you’re low on energy. And because it’s such a versatile move, almost any player will find that it’s worth learning.

Here’s a quick rundown on the badminton stick smash, including how to do it and when to use it in a game.

What Is a Stick Smash in Badminton?

To understand a stick smash, it helps to first imagine a full smash

In a full smash, you’ll get in position as fast as possible to hit the shuttle at its highest point above your head. Then, you’ll swing with the complete “throwing” motion of your arm.

But when it comes to a stick smash, things look a little different. Instead of following through, you’ll generate power from just your forearm and wrist movement. 

This creates a “snapping” effect — and it can be much quicker, sharper, and more unpredictable than a regular smash. These shots are typically done from your backcourt, and they can send your opponent scrambling to defend. 

They also look nearly indistinguishable from regular smashes — at least until you complete the motion. This makes them an excellent shot to learn if you want to add more variety and surprise to your game.

Step-by-Step Badminton Stick Smash

Here are the steps to doing a stick smash in badminton:

  1. When you see the shuttle flying towards you, gear up like you’re preparing for a regular smash or clear. Step back and track the shuttle with your non-racket arm pointed towards it. The faster you get in position behind the shuttle, the better.
  2. Grips can vary for stick smashes, but many players enjoy using the standard forehand grip.
  3. When the shuttle gets close enough, jump or reach towards it like you would with a typical smash. 
  4. When it’s time to make contact, create a snapping movement with your forearm and wrist.
  5. Remember to keep your arm slightly bent throughout the motion. Because you’re not using a full swing, a looser arm can help you generate more power.
  6. Aim to create a steep downward motion to your opponent’s front court. 

And there you have it — a beautiful stick smash! To watch this shot in action and gain a deeper understanding of how it works, be sure to check out this tutorial:

When Should You Use a Stick Smash?

This is a great shot to use when you can’t get behind the bird quickly enough for a full smash. But it can also be helpful when:

  • You want to speed up the pace of the game and gear up for a finishing shot.
  • Your opponent is predicting your shots too easily, and you need to mix things up.
  • You want to maintain your offense, but you need to conserve some energy.

Badminton Stick Smashes: The Bottom Line

A stick smash can be a player’s secret weapon in any badminton rally. It’s a short, snappy movement that saves you energy, opens up the court, and catches your opponent by surprise. And when you know how to use it well, it can score you the points you need to win the game.

For more badminton tutorials, be sure to visit today. And for regular highlight reels and video guides from a pro player, be sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel.

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