Guest Post: List of Advanced Badminton Techniques

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We are have a guest post today from Rajni Bisht, founder and writer of another badminton blog, badmintonracketz! He has been playing badminton for 3 years in India and is passionate about sharing his badminton knowledge with players around the world!

Basic skills and techniques

Not every skill and technique can by book or copied. Some need to be practiced daily for better results and for that you need to step in the ground. If you ever watched a match then you might be known that every player has his/her own technique and style of playing and they use them during the competitive match weather official or unofficial.

Badminton is a flexible game. You need not to stress much about it like other game. You can easily learn to play this game. As in the beginning you did not need to put a lot of energy you need to learn the basics and major techniques. You might be well known that in other sport like football, hockey, cricket there are more than 5 players required and sometimes it becomes hard for the organizer to find the players at a particular time, but you need not to worry in badminton you just need a partner with whom you can practice and learn the basics.

Some Advanced Techniques Are:

  • Attacking clearattacking clear are the one of the powerful offensive shot. This shot can be used by the played to defeat or beat his/her opponent.
  • Advanced net shotthis shot can be used to dominate the front area of the court and for that you need to learn these shots: Tumbling Net Shot, Net Kill Shot, Net Lift Shot
  • Drop shot player play this shot is played softly and shuttle lands close to the net. If this shot is played fast then the opponent doesn’t get a chance to hit the shuttle back.
  • Push or drive – player plays this shot mainly down the court line and it force the opponent to lift the shuttle upwards and this gives player a chance to beat the opponent. This shot is basically hit horizontally.

Other skills

Rather than these basic shots and techniques player must also focus in these skills:

  • The player must know how to warm up properly as warming up before the game is the essential part as it helps prevents the player from injuries such as sprain and cramps and other muscle problems.
  • The player must also work on his stance and standing positions which is the basic skill in the badminton. The player must have a proper and good stance while playing which helps him/her in hitting better shots.
  • Co-ordination of eyes and hands of the player plays an essential role as well. The player needs a good concentration and focus power which helps in hitting a better shot.
  • Every player has his own techniques and strategies that he/she applies in the game. The player needs to use that skill in an adequate way to defeat his opponent.
  • The player must have a proper knowledge about the game, racket and the court. And he should also focus in his footwork as badminton is a fast and flexible game in which the player has to run back and forth for which a better speed and endurance is required.
Justin Ma

I am passionate about helping people find joy in playing badminton, while also showing them how competitive the sport can be.

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