How to Succeed as a Beginner

Published May 14, 2021

There are many ways to succeed in this lively sport of Badminton, and the best part is you do not have to be an expert to win. Badminton can be such a fun and rewarding sport, but it can be frustrating and disappointing without knowing the correct way of playing. In this article, we will go over all the different ways to help you succeed in this sport, tips the experts use to win. Now let’s get you on the road to success!

Your Mindset

The first and most crucial way to succeed in anything really, but more importantly, badminton, is your mindset. Mindset plays such a pivotal role in sports. If you have a negative outlook on how you will perform, then the outcome will be negative. Keep in mind playing badminton is for fun, and keeping that in mind, you will have no problem crushing your goal!

Pick Where to Play

One of the beautiful benefits of playing badminton is you can play indoors or outdoors (with Air Badminton!). So, if the weather is gorgeous, you can enjoy the outdoors while playing a mean game. If the weather is not so pleasant out, then you can dominate your opponent indoors.

Stretch and Warm-up

Stretching before playing a sport has always been important. Badminton is no exception. Some might think it is not a very physical sport, but that is entirely false. You run, leap, and even jump so much to make sure the shuttlecock (aka birdie) does not touch the ground. That is the reason why it is crucial to make sure you are well stretched before you play.

You don’t have to run a mile or do some intense cardio before the game. Just a lite jog or some jumping jacks will do the trick. You can check your heart rate to make sure it is up enough to ensure you are plenty warmed up. Before your warm-up, ensure you are fully stretched first. That way, an injury is less likely to occur.

Check Your Equipment

To ensure you are entirely ready for the match, make sure your equipment is not faulty. Check it over to see if there’s any glue coming off the racquet or any splintered wood. Also, make sure the strings on your racquet are nice and taut. If the strings are loose, then it can throw your whole shot. 

Besides making sure the racquet is playable, the birdie will need a once-over. Look to see if there are any holes in the birdie or any glue peeling off. If so, then either pitch it or return it to the store if the birdie is new. If all those checks pan out, there is one more test to be completed. Throw the birdie in the air, and if it shakes, then it’s a lousy birdie, and you will want to play with another one. The shuttlecock is supposed to glide in the air seamlessly.

The Perfect Grip and Stance

Have you ever heard, “It’s all in the hips” when referencing individual sports? Well, that’s not the case in badminton. It’s all in the wrist with this sport. Most players like to think having a tight grip is the way to maximize their overhand, but it’s the opposite. Loosening your grip allows for a fluid motion and therefore helps deliver the birdie in its intended direction. This technique also helps with your backhand. Remembering to relax your grip and wrist will be a game-changer.

Perfecting your stance once the birdie flies over to your opponent will also help your performance. After hitting the birdie, always go back to the center of your part of the court. Try to move about quickly while keeping your eyes on your opponent, so they don’t get the upper hand and score on you.

Quick on Your Feet

Not only do you need to have a perfect stance and wrist work, but you also need to be fast. Moving quickly and efficiently will make it hard for your opponent to score on you. If you use these tips, you will be so quick the other player will not know what hit them.

Know Your Opponents Next Move

Badminton requires not only quick movements but also total concentration. Knowing when to move and where to move is an ability you will learn the longer you play. Watching your opponent’s movements to anticipate their next move will let you know where to go next. Watching the other player allows you to spot their weaknesses and use those to your advantage. 

Perfecting Your Hand-eye Coordination 

It is essential to have at least moderately good hand-eye coordination. If you do not have the best hand-eye coordination, that’s okay. You can learn how to improve by practicing different techniques. 

One of the best methods to effectively enhance your hand-eye coordination would be to play catch with a baseball and glove. Over time your skills will increase, and your badminton game will tremendously improve—also a cheap way of increasing your skills.

Another way of improving your fine and gross motor skill is juggling. Juggling is not as easy as playing catch, but you can, with lots of practice and dedication, perfect the art of juggling. It can also be a relatively cheap way of improving your agility. All that is required is some balls or something you can throw in the air. Start with two and then move up once you feel more comfortable.

How to Serve the Right Way

How the serve starts is with how you hold the birdie. With a high serve, you hold the birdie with the head facing down. This serve will be used if you have an opponent that does not have the quickest footwork. 

The next serve would be the low serve. You would use this serve on an opponent who is positioned far away from the net. You hold the feather of the birdie and hit it to where the shuttlecock barely makes it over the net. A strong serve will show the other player you mean business.

Stretch Some More

Stretching might sound a little redundant, but it is necessary to prevent injury. It also helps keep your muscles from tensing up and causing you some pain. A good three to five minutes will suffice. Stretching afterwards will also help alleviate any stress on your body after an active workout. 

Remember to Have Fun

Remember badminton is meant to be fun and enjoyable. As stated above, your mindset is the key to being great at this sport. Taking the game too seriously will take the fun right out of the sport and possibly cost you by not winning.

Whether you are playing with friends, family, or colleagues, staying stress and worry free will keep you from tensing up and not playing as good as you would like. Succeeding as a beginner Badminton player can seem like a daunting task as first. Utilizing the steps above will ensure you have a smooth transition in to the sport and enjoy your time as you gain experience. With so many opportunities, Badminton can change your perspective on how competition can be viewed!

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