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Want to become better at badminton but do not quite know how? Read on, and you will find out how to improve at the game. This article will tell you how to perfect specific sport methods and how to become a stronger player.

Focus on Your Weaknesses

What is your weakness? Do you know what you need to work on? If you are excellent in one area, then concentrate on the part of your game that needs a little more work. Would that be footwork? Or positioning? Maybe you have a hard time with your mindset or tensing up. Whatever it is, that needs to be your primary focus.


A lot of people see the word condition and turn their nose up. Well, that is one crucial component to improving your badminton A-game. Finding a good core workout can make your posture straighter and make it easier to lunge and hit the birdie harder. You want to not only focus on your core but also your leg muscles. Jogging every day or using leg weights will strengthen your legs and make you move faster on the court.


Remember the old saying, “Practice makes perfect?” Well, badminton is no exception. Practicing all of the tips in this article until you feel more comfortable and see an improvement will help you achieve the goal you want to achieve. Coupled with your exercises you do every day, and you will be a force no one can stop!

Footwork Is Important 

Footwork is not something to forget. You will need to move quickly and keep a note of where you are positioned on the court at all times. Remember, quickly move back to the center of the court after hitting the birdie over to your opponent. If you are smack dab in the middle of the court, you are prepared for the birdie to come over to your side and can then surprise your opponent by hitting the birdie so fast you score a smash.

Exercising your quadriceps and your hamstrings will significantly improve your footwork. By exercising these leg muscles, you will jump higher, run, and move quicker. Your shoes play a big part in your footwork as well. Buying a reputable and nice pair of shoes that allows you to gain traction on the court can help you gain momentum.

Don’t Forget the Grip

Another mental note you want to remember is how tightly you are gripping your racquet. Your racquet grip needs to stay loose so you can swing your racquet smoothly when hitting the shuttlecock. The type of racquet you have plays a big part in how you grip the handle. Your hand needs to fit perfectly on the handle for your swing to be executing correctly.

To Hit High or Hit Low

That is the ultimate question. Seeing the birdie flying in your direction can be an adrenalin rush. When should you hit the shuttlecock? Low or high? Well, the answer is simple, higher rather than lower is best. If you wait until the birdie is too low, then you risk the chance of it falling, and you with it, to the ground. Hit the birdie high, and you can recover quickly and be ready for the next time it is in your court.

Raise Your Racquet

Besides moving to the court center, you also want to remember to keep your racquet raised. By keeping your racquet raised, you will be prepared for the next shot. Prepared for whatever comes your way. More than likely, the birdie.

Posture Is Everything

It is hard to remember to keep your back straight. Sitting up straight is something almost everyone forgets to do. Standing up directly while playing badminton is also hard to remember. Correct posture as well as standing still will help you focus and concentrate on the birdie. It’s exciting when the birdie is flying towards you, but remain calm and upright, so you can strategically hit the birdie back into your opponent’s court.

Work on Your Hand-eye Coordination

Contrary to popular belief, hand-eye coordination is not only a natural ability. With practice, you can achieve this ability if you feel like you do not have the best hand-eye coordination. There are different techniques to help. First, you might want to check with an ophthalmologist to ensure your eyesight is where it needs to be. If you are having a hard time with your vision, it can cause your hand-eye coordination difficulties.

Next, if you are all good in the vision department, you can try out a few things to improve. First, playing catch is one of the best ways to improve your motor skills. And it does not have to cost an arm and a leg either. If you have any tennis balls lying around, that is all you would need, along with a fence or wall. Take the tennis ball and hit the ground, where it will bounce off the wall or fence and back to you; if you have a partner to play with, even better!

The last exercise you can do will be switching your eyesight from an object close to you and another further away. Ideally, the items should be about the same size and shape. Make sure and focus on the details of the object closest to you for about five seconds. Then change to the next article quickly. You can do this exercise for as long as you deem necessary. Once you switch to the next object, focus on a different detail than you did previously.

What About Your Backhand

Let’s focus on your backhand. Do you feel like you can effectively deliver the birdie to the other court via your backhand? Or does the shuttlecock fall short and land on your side of the court? Let’s face it; the backhand is challenging due to our arms not having the capability of bending back very far. The best way to perfecting the backhand is by practicing. Ask a family member or a friend if they can practice with you and help strengthen your arm so you can check your backhand off your need to improve list.


When thinking about your serve, always keep in mind, you need to stay behind the line. If you step over the line, it is called a fault. That means you just gave your opponent an easy point. The best way to serve is to be as close to your line as possible so that you can deliver the shuttlecock to your intended destination. Practicing will help you improve your serving technique. Practice until you can consistently hit the birdie in the direction you need it to go.

The Conclusion

These tips will be exactly what you need in improving your badminton game. If you like to watch videos to see someone else’s techniques and how they deliver, I recommend checking out my Youtube Channel! This can be an effective method to improving your skills as well.

Besides practicing, practicing, and practicing, the key to badminton is playing stress-free. If you are tense and are not having fun, then is it worth playing? Having a positive mindset will reap a positive outcome. Just relax and have a blast!

Justin Ma

I am passionate about helping people find joy in playing badminton, while also showing them how competitive the sport can be.

Justin Ma


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