I'm Justin Ma I started playing badminton since I was 10 years old - I have played in major tournaments and currently represent the USA in international tournaments.

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Tournaments I Have Won

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7 Times

US Junior National Champion (singles / doubles / mixed doubles)

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Pan American Junior Champion

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4 Times

Collegiate National Champion (singles / doubles / mixed doubles)

Badminton My Journey

I started playing badminton when I was 10 and fell in love with the sport very quickly. But the start wasn’t smooth at all.

I would perform poorly in my tournament matches and no matter how much effort I put into it during training, I just couldn’t win. Sometimes I would break down crying on the court before the match was even over. But I knew I had it in me to make it big!

When I hit 14 years old, I won 15 consecutive tournaments in the next 1.5 years, including the US Junior Nationals and Pan American Junior Championships. I was invited to compete in the World Junior Championships when I was 17 and played in the World University Games in College when I was 20.

I took 4 years off from seriously training and competing to focus on my studies at UC Berkeley, but now I’m back and happy to be playing professionally for the USA.


I’m Helping Others Find Their Love of Badminton! I want popularize badminton in the western world and show people how competitive and tough the sport is. I am passionate about helping people find joy in playing badminton and improving their game.