How to Practice Badminton at Home: 10 Easy Ways

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Getting your badminton practice in has been a challenge for everyone for the last year or so. Even with all that’s happened globally, there are still spectacular ways to boost your game, reflex speed, cardio, and strength at home.

For instance, you can hit the shuttle against a wall or even hang a rug in a doorway with a shower rod if you need to keep the noise level down. 

At any rate, don’t be afraid to improvise the net and court any way you want, with anything you want to use.

Keep reading to discover ten of the best ways to practice badminton at home when you can’t make it out to the court.

1. Hit Some Short Shots

To start, here are four perfect short shots to help you boost your power indoors:

  • The forehand underhand
  • Forehand net kill
  • Backhand underhand
  • Backhand net kill 

Placing something like a tall cardboard box behind your racket can force you to shorten your backswing, helping you to generate more power with every shot.

You’ll need a partner to toss the shuttle for you, so make sure you find someone that has enough time and patience to spare!

2. Practice Your Deception Shots

Have someone throw you the shuttle so you can practice deception shots with surprising changes in direction and speed.  Mastering these shots can get you some crucial points in a game, especially if your opponent is getting tired.

3. Practice Badminton at Home with Wall Bounces

This classic at-home technique is to hit your shuttle against the wall and try to keep it going for as many repetitions as possible. Make sure you use small enough swings so that you don’t miss the shuttle when it bounces back at you.  

Wall bounces are an excellent way to boost agility on your feet. That’s because you’ll miss the shuttle if you’re standing in place. And a bonus is that these drills are perfect to practice at home — you don’t need a court or any partners to try this out.

4. Do Some Tricks

You can practice some fun “trick” techniques to improve your grip dexterity and accuracy. 

One simple trick to practice is to throw your shuttle into the air with the forehand side of your racket and catch it with the backhand side of your racket. You can continue switching the forehand and backhand in different patterns.

5. Practice Your Serve

If you have the room, you can map out a badminton court with the correct measurements. Use tape for the court and string to create the right net height.

Then you can practice serving into targeted spots in the opponent’s court, using containers as markers.

6. Have a Shadow Badminton Game

When you practice shadow badminton, you use your footwork and racket swings just like you would in a real badminton game. You can also use a heavier racket to increase your arm and wrist strength.

If you’re willing to put in the time, you can even set down your racket and shuttle and improve your game by yourself without any equipment.

7. Jog in Place or Do Burpees

You can jog in place for 15 to 30 minutes or do burpees if you can’t get outside for exercise. This will boost your cardio endurance so that you can keep your energy levels up for the whole game.

8. Test Your Agility

Do some fast footwork at home to become nimbler with your movements on the court. You can use short, rapid footsteps to boost your speed when changing direction in your badminton games.

9. Try Strength Training

Strengthening your wrists, ankles, arms, legs, and core during times when you can’t get on the court can improve the speed and power of your shots.

The wrists are a great place to start with to build your shot power. Some exercises to try out are wrist curls, wrist extensions, and grip strength exercises.

10. Practice Your Footwork

Your footwork is vital for being able to move across the court with accuracy to hit the next shot, and you don’t need a whole court to practice these exercises.

Practice Badminton at Home and Keep Your Skills Sharp

While you’re hanging around at home, you can make tremendous improvements to all areas of your badminton game. Not having access to a court or formal game doesn’t mean you can’t advance your badminton skills.

So, set aside some time every day to practice these at-home tips, and you may just surprise yourself the next time you step onto the court!

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I am passionate about helping people find joy in playing badminton, while also showing them how competitive the sport can be.

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