Power Jacks: Benefits and How To Do Them

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How to Perform the Power Jack

Power Jacks are an amazing way to work on your lower body and upper body combined strength and explosive power. Here is a quick tutorial on how to perform this exercise:

We can perform this power jacks with any type of resistance or weight material – not only limited to dumbbells. If you have any weighted plate or other weighted object, you can hold it in a similar motion as the video above and push the weight up rather than the two dumbbells. If you only have resistance bands, you can tie the bands to the ground and use the resistance and push up with your jump.

Because our goal is for continuous power and explosive strength, we want to aim to do this exercise in sets of 30 seconds – 2 minutes, or in terms of count, 30 reps up to 100 reps per set, for 5 to 10 sets total. Since this is mainly an upper body exercise, we can work this into something like an Agility Circuit, and have this as a “rest” from the other tough leg exercises.

Benefits of the Power Jack

Upper Body Power

The explosive movement of the upwards push translates to our smashes, as it teaches us how to generate quick and sudden power. As we do more of the power jack, we will be able to see the raw strength of our smash power increase. Additionally, through the long sets that we do, we can see that no matter how long a game goes on, the power of our smash will still be there and remain the same.

Lower Body Explosiveness & Power Generation

Along with the basic upper body movement, we are also training speed and power in our legs. Glutes, quadriceps, and calves all play an important role in this exercise to help propel the weight upwards by jumping. The movement in our legs generates power up our back and to our upper body, and is what allows is to generate more power than we would by standing upright. This leg movement is extremely important, as most of our smashes or power shots in badminton come from a jump prior to the shot.

Upper & Lower Body Coordination

Badminton is all about coordination. For every shot that we hit, we have to time the movement of our footwork to match the timing of our shot. This simultaneous movement is also trained in the power jack, where we will time our jumps with the push of our legs. This is very helpful for smashes, as I mentioned above, as it teaches you timing and how to increase the power of smashes through the use of your legs.


Power jacks are an extremely helpful exercise for badminton athletes that can be done virtually anywhere with minimal equipment. It is a simple weight training coordination exercise that I do on a regular basis (aside from my normal weightlifting routine). Try this out during your next training session, and let me know what you think!

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