Two on One Offense Drill: Singles Practice

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In this post, we will be talking about the Two on One Offense drill. This drill is useful for intermediate to advanced players and is done with 1 driller and 2 feeders, and works on a singles player’s offense even when they are tired. This is similar to the Two on One Defense drill, but focused on defense instead of offense. Let’s take a look at the drill before getting into specifics.

Drill: Two on One Offense Drill
Duration: 10 minutes – 30 minute sets before switching
– Stand side by side
– If attacker back drops, you can net drop or lift
– If attacker smashes or pushes, you can block, drive, or lift
– If attacker clears or lifts, you can only clear the shot back
– Anything goes – focus on hitting shots down (drops and smashes), and if you clear, aim to make it a punch / attacking clear rather than high clears. In the front, try to hit more net drops and pushes.

For a more visual look, you can see some rallies here from a 2 on 1 offense drill I did a couple months back with my coach:

Two on One Offense Drill Details

This drill is focused solely on the driller, or offensive side. Because there are two players when you are performing the drill, you will find it extremely hard to win a rally – here is where the challenge is. If you are able to score points versus the two players who will have little to no openings, you will be able to find it easier to score points during a normal 1 versus 1 singles match. This drill is an extremely big challenge for the singles drilling side, and you should be aware of this before the drill starts.

The best way for the singles side to win rallies during this drill is by winning the front court first. What I mean by this is finding ways to attack from the front court, most often with a tight net drop or a push shot. This is the best way to apply pressure versus 2 players, since they are forced to counter with a high lift or a weaker shot. If you try to attack directly from the back court to start off, there will be few gaps in the 2 player’s defense because the shot will be high and far to the back, meaning your offensive shot will start off even weaker.

After attacking in the front, make sure you are ready for the next shot. This means, if you hit a tight net drop, be ready to attack your opponent’s next lift as it is very likely to be much shorter. After attacking, you have to remember to follow up the next shot as well. There will be no easy rallies during this drill, and you will have to work hard for every single point.

You will learn tenacity and perseverance during offense through this drill. Take what you learn from this drill and apply it to your normal singles games, and you will find that you will be earning many more points playing offense, and that the offense game will come more naturally and easier since you will be used to attacking a defense with virtually no gaps.

For the feeders, be sure that you aren’t playing too nicely but you are also are not playing too mean. Try and make sure that the driller can continue the rally, but make it tough for them to get to the shots. Do not lift easy shots for them to attack, as that is not the point of the drill. Make sure the driller has good and tough rallies, so they know what it is like to go through these rallies in a normal game.

Two on One Offense Drill Variations

One simple variation to this drill is similar to the Two on One Defense variation – allowing the feeders to counterattack. What this means is when the driller lifts or clears, the feeder side is allowed to back drop or even smash the high shot. This, again, makes the drill more realistic as the driller cannot always instantly wait in the back. They have to be ready to defend the shot because they chose to hit a defensive shot. Personally, I find that adding this counterattack makes the drill the most efficient. This will simulate as closely as you can to a real, full 2 on 1 match, while still primarily focusing on your offense.


Try to work this offense drill into your next training sessions or warmup sessions to work on your attacking power and endurance. Let me know what you think of this drill and if you enjoy it as much as I do!

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