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How we’ve helped Badminton players find their rhythm & win over the years!


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Why Virtual Coaching Why Virtual Coaching

No matter where you are in the world, what facilities you have access to, how often you can train or play, or even if you have no one else to train with – our team will make it work!

We are dedicated to finding creative solutions for each of our clients so that you can improve and reach your goals. All you need is a working camera (phones work great) and consistent motivation to improve!

Our coaching is 100% personalized & tailor-made for you based on the expertise you hold in the game, and where you’d like to see yourself. Other than that, it all comes down to how passionate you are about Badminton!

Join the team & learn to play like a pro!

Who Needs It?

Our coaching program is for players and coaches of
all levels who want to improve their skills and reach their
full potential on the court.


Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn the basics, an
intermediate player looking to take your game to the next
level, or an advanced player looking to fine-tune your
technique and strategy, we can help you achieve your goals.


The training program & consultations are tailored to meet
each individual player’s need and help them improve their
badminton skills!

Book a free 30 minute ability assessment
& get insights on your skills, techniques, & ability!

What To Expect?

A glimpse into what you can expect from our program.

Monthly Calls

Monthly Calls

Monthly 1:1 video calls to
answer questions and plan
for your personal growth.

Question & Answer

Question & Answer

Direct messaging with your coach 24/7
& access to a private community.

Analysis & Tracking

Analysis & Tracking

Individualized game analysis
& personal progress tracking.

Match Preparation

Match Preparation

Pre-match preparation
& tournament fine-tuning.

Master The Sport

Master The Sport

Build a solid fundamental base
& master the special techniques.


Our packages are packed with personalized training & tips!

Virtual Coaching
Team Plan

The flagship virtual training program
to jumpstart your badminton growth.

The Team Plan includes:

  • Personalized on and off court training plans.
  • Monthly 1:1 video sessions with your coach.
  • 24/7 communication with your coach via DMs.
  • Access to a private badminton community.
  • Match analysis + tournament preparation.
  • Badminton training course video library.

Whether you're looking to improve your footwork, shots, or overall game, we will work with you to help you take your game to the next level!

Join the Team

Training Plan

Our custom premium plan will provide
you with what you need, when you need it.

The course includes Virtual Coaching Plan in addition to:

  • On-the-fly updated training programs.
  • Unlimited video calls with your coach.
  • Real-time match evaluation and preparation.
  • Access to ANY of our coaches for more help.
  • 100% access to our expertise & guidance.
  • Whatever else YOU need to succeed!

Contact us directly to learn more about our premium plan

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Online Coaching

Select a session plan that you’d like to book with
me & lets get started!

I’m Justin Ma - Your Coach

Hi! I’m Justin, a top US badminton player. I’ve been
winning national and international tournaments since
I was ten years old!

Some of my great accomplishments have been:

  • BWF World Ranking in Men’s Singles: 130
  • 7 Time US Junior Nationals Champion
  • 2023 World Championships Men’s Singles
  • 2023 Pan American Games Badminton Athlete

My online coaching program is tailored specifically for you – this is not a generic program. I will be working together week-by-week to analyze your game play and growth, develop personalized training programs, and learn the best game and mental strategies – a game changer applicable to players of all levels.

Stop wondering & start acting!
Schedule your free consultation & find out how
you can unleash your potential!



Hear From Those Whom I Have Helped Coach

Daniel P.

“I had Justin analyze my footwork while doing shadow work, along with a drop shot basic clear stroke. Justin then provided me a very detailed write of everything that I needed to change to improve. Some of the pointers he gave me provided me an immediate improvement in my game. I would highly recommend his coaching especially if you in an area that doesn’t give you access to an in person coach. I definitely will be continuing to have him coach me moving forward!”

Thomas Nguyen

“Justin’s coaching is truly an incredible experience that all badminton players should try. You can really feel the passion that he has for the sport by the way he talks about the game and the effort he puts into coaching. I couldn’t be more impressed with the improvements I’ve made in such a short period of time!”

Young G.

“I trained under Justin since the beginning of my badminton journey. Justin not only worked with me on basic form and technique, but also made sure to emphasize the importance of footwork and conditioning. Since training with Justin, I have developed my skills and confidence as a player tremendously, and have been showing of my skills at my local open gyms!”

Harrison D.

“Justin has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the sport, and he has a true passion for helping his players reach their full potential. Whether it’s through intense drills and exercises, or through the use of video analysis to help us understand our strengths and weaknesses, he always goes above and beyond to help us improve.”

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