The Badminton Slice Shot: Tips To Help You Pull It Off

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Have you ever watched a pro badminton player pull off a perfect slice shot and thought, “How can I do that too?” 

Almost every player has wondered this at some point, and for good reason. Learning how to slice can add a powerful element of deception to your badminton game. And not only can it help you surprise your opponents, but it makes you a bigger threat on the court overall.

Read on for everything you need to know about the badminton slice shot, including common techniques and tips to help you perfect it.

An Overview of the Badminton Slice Shot

You can use the slicing technique in a variety of badminton shots — including smashes, drop shots, and even net shots. 

It works by cutting the shuttle through the air, rather than hitting it straight on. And in turn, this can help you add spin to your shots, make the shuttle drop more steeply, or simply send it in an unexpected direction. 

Common Types of Badminton Slice Shots

From your smashes to your lifts, knowing how to slice can add variety and unpredictability to your game.

With that in mind, here are a few popular types of slice shots worth adding to your badminton arsenal:

Sliced Net Shot

The sliced net shot is a powerful technique that can help you bounce back from an opponent attacking your frontcourt.

When done correctly, it causes the shuttle to spin and tumble just over the net — sending your opponents scrambling to return it before it hits the ground.

Here’s how to try it:

  • Start with a loose grip and relaxed arm. You’ll use the bevel grip for your backhand side — but when hitting on your forehand side, your grip will vary depending on how far out the shuttle is from your body.
  • Use proper footwork to make your way toward the frontcourt.
  • Keep your wrist in a neutral position and lift your racket horizontally, with your racket face parallel to the net.
  • Pull your racket back as the shuttle approaches.
  • Slice with a downward angle (with the bottom of your racket tilted toward the net) to send the shuttle tumbling just over the net.

Tip: Check out this tutorial by Badminton Famly to see how the sliced net shot looks in action.

Straight Sliced Drop Shot

A straight sliced drop shot is an advanced technique that tricks your opponent into thinking you’re hitting a cross-court shot, when you’re really hitting the shuttle straight. 

And because it has the same setup as a smash or clear, it can be incredibly confusing for an opponent who’s not expecting it. 

To try it:

  • Start by standing sideways with your non-racket foot forward.
  • Point your non-racket arm toward the shuttle, and pull your racket arm back.
  • As the shuttle approaches, bring your elbow up and pull your racket back.
  • Begin to swing as if you’re hitting cross-court. But at the last second, rotate your wrist to slice the shot. Aim to move your racket in an “arcing” motion as you make contact with the shuttle (instead of hitting it straight on).

Cross-Court Reverse Slice Drop Shot

The reverse slice drop shot is another technique that can help you surprise your opponents and gain the advantage in a rally.

At first glance, this shot looks like you’re aiming straight across the net. But by slicing as you make contact with the shuttle, you can turn it into an unexpected cross-court shot.

Here are the steps:

  • Move back into position just like you would with another smash, drop, or clear.
  • Start with a loose forehand grip.
  • Prepare to swing like you would in a smash or regular drop shot. But this time, you’re going to rotate your wrist inward at the very last second to create an outward slice.
  • As you follow through, your racket should swing down toward your non-racket side.

Pro Tips for Pulling Off Badminton Slice Shots

No matter which slice shot you’re working on, here are some tips to keep in mind while you practice:

  • Try not to show your racket angle until the very last second — you don’t want to be easily predictable!
  • Start with a loose grip, and tighten your grip only during your wrist rotation.
  • During backcourt slices, aim to hit the shuttle when it’s high in the air.
  • Train your core and legs for better balance and recovery in every slice shot.
  • Practice your slices with multishuttle drills! For example, you could have a partner repeatedly hit shuttles to your backcourt, while you return them using a mix of straight and cross-court slices.

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