4 Best Even Balance Badminton Rackets for All-Around Performance

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If you’re on the hunt for a new badminton racket, you’ve probably come across countless options on the market — some with head-heavy power and others with head-light speed. But what if neither really suits the way you play?

To find a racket that shines in all areas, your best bet might be an even balance all-arounder instead.

Below, we’ve compiled four of the best even balance badminton rackets to elevate your game, complete with their specs and price points. Let’s jump in!

A Quick Refresher on Balance Points

If you’re an experienced player, you probably already know how a racket’s balance point can affect your swing. But if you’re new to the sport, you might wonder: What exactly is a racket balance point?

Put simply, it’s another term for a racket’s center of gravity.

The average racket is anywhere from 665 mm (26.2 inches) to 675 mm (26.6 inches) long. And the balance point is somewhere in the middle — usually around 280 mm to 300 mm away from the handle. 

Here’s what to know about each type of balance point:

  • Head-light rackets can be extremely fast, but slightly less powerful. 
  • Head-heavy rackets add a boost of power to your game, but can be tougher to control.
  • Even balance rackets are better for all-around performance, but they typically aren’t the quickest or most powerful.

4 Best Even Balance Badminton Rackets for All-Around Performance

Here are four of the best even balance badminton rackets to elevate your game in 2023 and beyond:

1. Best All-Around: Yonex Arcsaber 11 Pro

The Yonex Arcsaber 11 Pro is known for being an all-around powerhouse.

Not only does it have an even balance point, but it’s also built with a stiff shaft, HM graphite frame, and built-in T joint for durability. It comes in both 4U and 3U versions — each with several grip options to suit your hand size.

For being a stiff racket, players say the Arcsaber 11 Pro feels incredibly stable without being too rigid. Its Ultra PE Fiber shaft and Solid Feel Core also give it surprising speed, power, and control.

The Pro version retails for around $250 brand new. But if you don’t want to break the bank, the Arcsaber 11 line also comes in Tour and Play models. Both have slightly different materials and specs, but they can still be great options for new and intermediate players.

Check the price of the Arcsaber 11 Pro on Amazon

Check the price of the Arcsaber 11 Tour at Badminton Warehouse

Check the price of the Arcsaber 11 Play on Amazon

2. Best Mid-Tier: Victor Arrow Power 9000

The Victor Arrow Power 9000 is an excellent mid-tier option for players wanting a blend of control, power, and consistent speed. 

With a stiff shaft and anti-torsion design, this racket is best for intermediate-to-advanced players who lean towards offense. It’s built with Victor’s Nano Tec technology for better frame stability and a box-shaped design to handle high string tension

The Arrow Power 9000 offers top quality for its price — which ranges from $100-$130, depending on where you find it. Overall, it’s the perfect choice if you want an even balance attacking racket for a fair price.

Check the price of the Victor Arrow Power 9000 on Amazon

3. Best Medium-Flex: Victor Bravesword 12

If you want a powerful all-arounder with a medium-flex shaft, look no further than the Victor Bravesword 12

Launched in 2010, this racket has become a long-time favorite among intermediate and pro players alike.

It’s built with Ultra High Modulus Graphite and Nano Resin — some of the strongest, most durable materials you can get in a racket. Plus, its aerodynamic frame boosts its swing speed and cuts air resistance by as much as 10%.

All in all, it’s one of the best all-around rackets you can get for seamless speed, power, and handling.

Check the price of the Victor Bravesword 12 at Badminton Warehouse

4. Best Budget + Lightweight: Arcsaber 71 Light

Finally, if you’re looking for an ultra-lightweight racket with an even balance point — and a surprisingly affordable price — the Arcsaber 71 Light is well worth checking out. 

At just 78 grams, this lightweight racket comes with an isometric head shape, built-in T-joint, and medium-flex shaft for extra power. Yonex also designed it with their Aero + Box frame to minimize air resistance and maximize swing speed. 

Overall, these features make for a solid blend of stability and speed. And depending on where you shop, you can get it for around $50-$70.

Check the price of the Arcsaber 71 Light on Amazon

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