Best Badminton Set for Beginners – Top 10 Options Inside

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Are you ready to try badminton but need help deciding which equipment to invest in?

Maybe you’ve always been fascinated by the lightning-fast reflexes and agile movements of badminton pros. Or, perhaps you just want to try a social, fun activity with your friends. In any case, it can be tough to find a good-quality badminton set that has everything you need. 

Fortunately, we’ve put together a list of essential gear sets to help you start your journey. Below, discover ten of the best badminton sets for beginners, along with what they offer and where to find them.

1. Patiassy Portable Badminton Set with Professional Badminton Net

The Patiassy Portable Badminton Set is one of the best (and most complete) beginner badminton sets on the market.

It comes with a simple yet sturdy net setup, including six steel poles and a winch system to support net tension. Plus, it offers four badminton rackets, two goose-feather shuttles, and a carrying bag to make on-the-go play easy.

Check the price of the Patiassy Portable Badminton Set

2. WOED Batens Carbon Fiber Badminton Racket Set

The WOED Batens Badminton Set is a four-racket set that offers high-quality gear for new players. Unlike other recreational sets, this one provides rackets made with carbon fiber and built-in T joints to make them lighter and more durable.

Beyond that, the set offers six shuttles, a carrying bag, and four packs of grip tape to wick away hand moisture and improve your comfort on the court. Overall, this is one of the best net-free badminton sets you can get for its price point. 

Check the price of the WOED Batens Carbon Fiber Badminton Racket Set

3. Nalax Badminton Set

The Nalax Badminton Set is a budget-friendly option that comes with two slim Nalax rackets, each offering a lightweight build with a fully carbon shaft. In addition, it comes with three shuttlecocks and a carrying bag to make travel easy.

Thanks to the rackets’ isometric head shape, enlarged sweet spot, and solid frame, this set offers some of the best value for newer recreational players. 

Check the price of the Nalax Badminton Set

4. Zdgao Badminton Set for Backyard with Net

If you want to start playing rallies in your own backyard, the Zdgao Badminton Set offers everything you need to get started — all for under $80. It comes with four lightweight badminton rackets, three nylon shuttles, and a sturdy net setup that fits badminton’s official rules for net sizing and dimensions

Check the price of the Zdgao Badminton Set

5. Yonex Basic 4000 Mavis 350 Yellow Medium Badminton Combo Set

Yonex is known for creating pro-level badminton equipment — but that doesn’t mean they don’t also have great beginner options. And for all the new players out there, the Yonex Basic 4000 Badminton Combo Set offers all the gear you’ll need to jump into a rally.

In the set, you’ll get two steel and aluminum Yonex B-4000 rackets, along with six nylon Mavis 350 shuttles. All in all, it’s a superb option if you’re just getting your feet wet in the world of badminton. 

Check the price of the Yonex Basic 4000 Badminton Combo Set

6. Senston Badminton Rackets (Set of 4)

When it comes to budget-friendly badminton equipment, Senston is a go-to brand that delivers consistent quality. For around $50, this beginner set comes with six nylon birdies, a badminton bag, and four rackets with graphite shafts. 

Each racket weighs about 90 grams, making them a lighter-weight choice in the realm of cheaper options. Plus, they come with carbon aluminum composite to create stronger, more long-lasting frames.

Check the price of the Senston Badminton Racket Set

7. Franklin Sports Badminton Racket + Birdie Set 

The Franklin Sports Badminton Set is an excellent low-cost option for players who already have access to a court, and just need some basic gear to start playing.

It comes with two steel-frame lightweight rackets and two nylon birdies for just under $20, making it one of the most cost-friendly options on the market. 

Check the price of the Franklin Sports Badminton Racket + Birdie Set

8. GSE Outdoor Portable Badminton Complete Net Set 

Ever dreamt of having your own backyard badminton setup? If so, the GSE Outdoor Portable Badminton Set provides everything you need to get started — at an extremely affordable price point.

For under $50, you’ll receive an easy-to-setup net, four tempered-steel rackets, and three shuttles. Plus, it comes with a heavy-duty nylon carrying bag, so you can take your gear anywhere. 

Check the price of the GSE Outdoor Portable Net Set

9. Boulder Sports Badminton Racket Set

This set from Boulder Sports is another good option for casual play, offering four alloy steel rackets, three birdies, and two portable racket cases to keep your gear safe. The rackets were created with outdoor use in mind, so they’re sturdy enough to last out in the elements whether you’re playing at the park, beach, or on your own front lawn. 

Check the price of the Boulder Sports Badminton Racket Set

10. Trained Premium Badminton Set

If you’re looking for a durable, fairly-priced set of rackets and shuttles, look no further than the Trained Premium Badminton Set. At around $30, you’ll receive five birdies, two alloy steel rackets, and a carrying bag for effortless travel. A bonus is that each shuttle has a colored LED light, so you can even play at night!

Check the price of the Trained Premium Badminton Set

Ready to Start Rallying?

If you’re ready to jump into the world of badminton, the sets above can provide all the equipment you need to start. But having the right gear is just one aspect of becoming a skilled player. 

To truly grow in the sport, practicing your techniques and strategies – whether you do that by working with a coach or using online resources – is essential. Fortunately, the Badminton Justin community is one free resource that can help. 

Check out the blog or subscribe to the YouTube channel for pro training tips, drills, and more to level up in your badminton journey. 

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