The Most Durable Strings for Badminton: A Complete Buyer’s Guide

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When it comes to badminton strings, every player has their own preferences. Some might like a hard, high-repulsion feel, while others might want a stickier hold for better control. But one thing that everyone likes in a string is durability. 

String tension wanes over time, and you’ll never find a string that lasts forever. And that’s why regular stringing is just a good part of badminton racket maintenance. But if you’re looking for strings that last longer, we’ve put together some of your best options here. 

Keep reading to learn about the most durable strings for badminton, plus the type of play styles they’re best for.

5 Most Durable Strings for Badminton

Here are five of the most durable strings for badminton in 2024:

1. Ashaway ZyMax 69 Fire

The Ashaway ZyMax 69 Fires are a long-standing favorite when it comes to durability. They’re similar to the Yonex BG 65s, but many people find that they have even better hitting feel and durability.

With a 0.69 mm diameter, these are a thicker string built to sustain hours of rallies, powerful smashes, and occasional mishits. Ashaway also created these with a special core material that helps reduce tension loss over time.

Overall, many players are seriously impressed by the ZyMax 69 Fires’ ability to hold their tension while providing excellent power and control.

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2. Yonex BG 65

The Yonex BG 65 is another popular string known for its durability. Made of a braided fiber material, these strings are 0.70 mm thick and offer a soft-hitting feel. In addition, they’re budget-friendly — which is why they’re one of the top sellers in many badminton stores around the world. 

Despite their braided outer shell, the BG 65s still feel smooth on contact, and they’re great for players wanting durable strings with solid all-around performance.

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3. Yonex BG 65 Titanium

Along with the BG 65s, Yonex also offers the BG 65 Titanium edition — a harder-feeling string with more repulsion power. 

At 0.70 mm wide, this is another thicker option for players needing durability in a string. The difference is in its titanium hydride coating, which helps generate a “snappier” feel and sharper hitting sound than other thick strings out there.

Because of the harder shell, Yonex rates the BG 65 Ti at a 7/10 for durability, which is a little less than the BG 65’s 10/10. Nevertheless, it’s still a high-quality, powerful string that’s known to hold up quite well over time.

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4. Yonex Nanogy 95

The Nanogy 95s are a 0.69 mm-thick string designed for the best of all worlds: durability, speed, and repulsion power. 

Yonex ranks these at a 10/10 for durability and an 8/10 for repulsion, and they’re an excellent choice for speed-focused rackets like those from the Nanoflare and Nanoray lines.

One thing to note is that this string can have a slipperier feel than other options here — but if you’re someone who prefers strings with less “bite,” they’re an excellent option to consider.

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5. Yonex Exbolt 68 

When it comes to the most durable badminton strings, you’ll want to keep an eye out for the Yonex Exbolt 68. This string hasn’t hit the markets yet, but it’s set to come out on March 8, 2024. 

Yonex ranks the Exbolt 68s at an outstanding 11/10 in terms of durability. The difference between these and past Exbolt strings is that they’re made of a new Forged Fiber material, which is designed to maximize repulsion without losing any durability. 

For players looking for strong, long-lasting strings, these will definitely be worth checking out.

More Tips for String Longevity

Beyond choosing the right string for your play style, here are some other steps you can take to improve string durability and longevity:

    • Focus on your technique to prevent mishits. Missing the sweet spot and hitting the shuttle near your frame can lead to more snapping.
    • Find a reliable, experienced stringer. If it feels like your strings break all the time despite having good technique, it may help to try a new stringing provider.
  • Look into your string tension. New or intermediate players with super high string tension could risk snapping their strings more often. Depending on your skill level, dialing back the tension (at least for now) could be a good way to improve your string longevity. 

The Takeaway

Finding the right badminton strings can take some time, and you might go through a few different versions until you find your favorite. But if you’re after durability, the options above are highly reviewed and well worth a try. 

Once you pick your new set of strings, don’t forget about the other steps you can take to help them survive more rallies — like practicing good technique, finding a reliable stringer, and using the right string tension for you.

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