What Equipment Is Needed to Play Badminton: 10 Items You Need

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Wondering what to keep in your badminton bag?

You’re not alone. Many beginner (and even intermediate) badminton players wonder the same thing. But don’t worry — over time, remembering your basic supplies becomes like second nature, and you won’t even have to think about it.

But in the meantime, checklists that cover the basics can come in handy.

Below, learn about ten essential pieces of equipment you need in your badminton bag and why they’re helpful to have on the court.

1. A Second Badminton Racket

As you know, your badminton racket is the most vital piece of equipment you’ve got. After all, you can’t play badminton without a racket!

With that being said, keeping two rackets in your bag has its benefits. Your strings could snap, or you could accidentally hit the head of your racket on something and warp the frame. In any case, an extra racket can save the day.

Shop for extra badminton rackets at BadmintonWarehouse.com.

2. Extra Shuttlecocks

It’s always an excellent plan to have a few extra shuttlecocks with you when you play badminton. Not everyone will remember to bring them every time, and you could miss out on a fun afternoon if no one has anything to hit with their rackets. 

Aside from that, shuttles can also get worn out or ruined after some time, so it’s always good to have extras.

(Pro tip: The type of shuttles you should use will depend on your skill level.)


3. Badminton Shoes

Quality badminton shoes are needed for playing comfortably and playing well. Beyond that, many badminton facilities regulate which type of shoes are allowed on the court, so you’ll need to ensure that you have the right kind.

When it comes to your shoes, pick a pair that supports your playing style and foot shape. Additionally, look for shoes with excellent traction so that you don’t slip while you’re jumping and running across the court.

Finally, make sure your shoes are back in the bag (and not on your feet) when you’re outside of the facility. You don’t want your shoes to lose their traction or become damaged.

Shop badminton shoes at BadmintonWarehouse.com.

4. Overgrip & Grip Tape

Extra overgrip and grip tape are two pieces of equipment that you will always need when you play badminton. You’ll never know when your grip will finally wear out or collect too much moisture. Plus, a fresh grip wrap can make a huge difference in all of your shots.

The Yonex GRAP overgrip is one highly reviewed option at a great price, with countless color options to choose from.


Yonex Super GRAP, $7.95 on Amazon

5. Towel

Badminton is a fairly intense cardio workout — especially if you find yourself a fast-paced game. That said, you’ll probably end up pretty sweaty, so an extra towel is needed at all times.

Any liquid can make the court slippery, which can cause injuries when you or other players leap and run around during a game. With that in mind, you’ll need your towel to wipe the sweat off your body before it drips onto the court. This way, you’re preventing injuries and helping keep the facility clean.

6. Bandage Tape

Hand blisters are one of the most common badminton injuries out there. An exposed blister may negatively affect your shots (and downright hurt.) And when you suddenly notice one mid-game, bandage tape will be your best friend.

Bandage tape is also useful if you need to support a joint, ligament, tendon, or other minor injury that isn’t medically urgent.

So, when it comes to what badminton equipment you need, make sure you grab some bandage tape at your local drugstore.

7. Scissors

Broken strings cause uneven tension, which can lead to your racket frame warping. And in the case of broken strings, you’ll always want a pair of scissors to remedy the situation.

(Aside from handling broken strings, scissors are useful for cutting grip and bandage tape, too.)


8. Plastic Bags

Grab a couple of plastic bags to put your sweaty clothes in before you leave the badminton court. This way, you can keep your bag (and the rest of its contents) clean and odor-free. You can use bathroom garbage bags, shopping bags, or any similar size bags that you can get your hands on.

9. Extra Clothes

After you’ve played a game of badminton, your clothes will probably be extremely sweaty. You definitely won’t want your vehicle to get wet or have a foul odor, so make sure to carry an extra change of clothes is definitely needed.

10. Grip Powder

Grip powder absorbs the sweat from your hands to prevent your grip from getting wet.

If you don’t have super sweaty hands, someone else might — so it’s always good to keep this equipment on hand.

Yonex Grip Powder 2 is one excellent option to keep your grips slip-free on the court.


Yonex Grip Powder 2, $11.95 on Amazon

Where Can I Buy a Badminton Bag?

In order to carry all your badminton equipment, you’ll need a badminton bag. You can often find badminton bags at your local pro store, but for the most extensive range of products at the best prices, it may be best to shop around online.

It’s worth checking out Amazon and other specialty stores on the web to see which badminton bags have the best reviews at the best price points.

Shop badminton bags at BadmintonWarehouse.com When you’re stocking your bag for your next day on the court, make sure to pack a few extra water bottles and snacks. It’s best to be prepared — after all, your friends might ask you to share!

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