Yonex Vs. Li-Ning: Which Badminton Racket Is Better? [2024 Update]

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As a 7x US junior national badminton champion, I’m always looking for the best badminton rackets. Typically, I’ve always bought Yonex. But recently, this might be about to change. 

In this post I’ll outline the pros and cons of each racket – so you can discover which racket might be the best for you.

Yonex: A Quick Overview

Founded in 1946, Yonex has nearly eight decades of experience in the world of sports gear. 

In the beginning, they built wooden floats for fishing nets. But by 1957, Yonex started developing their first-ever wooden badminton rackets.

Fast forward to 2024, and Yonex has become a leading racket sports company trusted by pro players like Kento Momota and Viktor Axelsen. Beyond badminton rackets, they also offer shoes, tennis rackets, bags, and tons of other on-the-court gear.

Yonex’s Most Popular Rackets: 3 Top Options

Yonex rackets are known for their quality and unique technology — like their built-in T-joints, ultra-slim shafts, and counterbalanced frames for better control.

Some of their most popular rackets to date include:

Astrox 88 D Pro

The Astrox 88 D (Dominate) line was released in March of 2021, and since then, it’s taken off as one of the most popular offensive doubles rackets ever. The line offers multiple models, including:

  • Game (Beginner-to-intermediate)
  • Tour (Intermediate-to-advanced)
  • Pro (Advanced)

Each of these rackets is geared toward players with different skill levels and budgets. However, they’re all built with the attacking doubles player in mind.

Check the price of the Astrox 88 D Pro on Amazon

(Or view the Tour and Game models)

Yonex Astrox 100ZZ

The Astrox 100ZZ is a 2020 release that’s been booming with popularity since it came out. It’s a stiff, speedy hard-hitter that’s been used by players like Viktor Axelsen and Akane Yamaguchi. 

Because the 100ZZ is built for all-out power, it’s head-heavy with an ultra-slim shaft. These specs make it highly aerodynamic and responsive — but can be a bit challenging to handle without the right skill set.

But for advanced players who love wielding a stiff, head-heavy racket, it’s one of Yonex’s best options to consider.

Check the price of the Astrox 100ZZ at Badminton Warehouse

Arcsaber 11 Pro

The Arcsaber 1 1 Pro is known as one of the best all-arounders of all time. It’s famous for its even balance point, speed, power, and smooth handling.

The original Arcsaber 11 was a long-time favorite among all types of badminton players. But in 2022, Yonex revamped the series with the Play, Tour, and Pro versions — offering more options for players with different budgets and skill sets.

With an isometric head shape, medium-flex shaft, and solid-feel frame, the Arcsaber 11 Pro is one of the best — if not the best — all-arounders on the market.

Check the price of the Arcsaber 11 Pro at Joy Badminton

(Or view the Tour and Play models)

Li-Ning: A Quick Overview

Li-Ning’s roots began in China in 1990. The brand was founded by pro gymnast Li Ning, who dreamt of creating a national apparel brand for Chinese athletes to wear at the Olympics. 

Since then, Li-Ning has made a name for itself in the world of badminton gear — in everything from shoes to bags and rackets. The brand has also collaborated with pro players like Goh Liu Ying, Chen Long, and badminton legend Lin Dan.

Li-Ning’s Most Popular Rackets: 3 Options

Li-Ning rackets certainly stand out in the sea of brands out there. 

Not only do they offer several pro-level rackets, but they also have many cost-friendly, quality options for new-to-intermediate players.

Three of their most popular rackets include:

Li-Ning Wind Lite 700 II

The Li-Ning Wind Lite II is part of Li-Ning’s Superlight series, built for speed and weighing just 77 grams. It’s head-heavy with a flexible shaft, which gives it an extra boost of power in every shot.

Despite its light weight, it’s able to withstand string tension up to 28 lbs. Plus, it’s reinforced with UltraLite carbon to ensure it stays durable even in the most intense matches.

Overall, it’s a great option for mid-level players looking for a high-flex, high-speed racket at a solid price.

Check the price of the Li-Ning Wind Lite 700 II on Amazon

Li-Ning G-Force 3700 Superlite

For a mix of speed and power without breaking the bank, the Li-Ning G-Force 3700 Superlite is another superb racket from Li-Ning.

Priced at around $75, this racket is head-heavy and weighs just 79 grams — making it an ideal daily racket for new-to-intermediate attacking players. It’s also flexible, meaning it’s more forgiving in terms of shot power, and it can handle string tensions of up to 30 lbs. 

All in all, this racket’s specs make it perfect for newer players who enjoy balanced, speedy offense. 

Check the price of the G-Force 3700 Superlite on Amazon

Li-Ning Air Force G2

The Air Force G2 is another well-loved racket from Li-Ning, known for its durability, speed, and impressive power. 

As for its specs? It’s built with an extended sweet spot, Dynamic Optimum Frame, and ultra carbon fiber to help it sustain high-impact shots.

It also comes with Li-Ning’s Wing Stabilizer technology, which reduces unnecessary vibrations and absorbs shock. In turn, this helps to ensure your shots are as precise, accurate, and controlled as possible.

Check the price of the Li-Ning Air Force G2 (77 grams) on Amazon

Yonex vs. Li-Ning: Pros, Cons, and What To Consider

Yonex and Li-Ning both have fantastic rackets in terms of quality, durability, and performance. But in many regions, finding the exact Li-Ning racket you’re looking for can be a challenge.

On the other hand, it can sometimes be easier to find Yonex badminton rackets — as long as they’re in stock. But ultimately, this will depend on where you live — and in some cases, your local badminton store might carry more Li-Ning rackets than they do Yonex.

Aside from accessibility, players say that Li-Ning’s options tend to be:

  • Strong and sturdy, but with a stiffer feel
  • Head-heavier
  • Great value for their price (high-tech features at good price points)

In contrast, Yonex has a wider variety of series that:

  • Range from head-light to head-heavy (more options for speed and defense)
  • Have a wider range of shaft flexibility 
  • Are more accessible in some areas

The Takeaway

Overall, Yonex and Li-Ning are both outstanding brands in the world of badminton rackets. 

Depending on where you live, Yonex may be more accessible. And generally, it tends to have a wider range of defensive, head-light, and stiff rackets to choose from. But Li-Ning still has an incredible array of heavy hitters, and it’s well-known for the quality and durability of its rackets. 

The bottom line? There are top-tier rackets from both, but it really comes down to your budget, location, and play style. 

In any case, it’s key to find a racket that fits you well — and if you can, it’s always best to swing down to your local badminton store to try before you buy.

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Interested In Getting Your Badminton Game To The Next Level - Quickly?
Together with a team of former Badminton Olympians we coach entrepreneurs and professionals to master badminton. Quickly.

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