9 Best Badminton YouTube Channels to Subscribe to in 2022

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No matter where you’re at in your badminton journey, learning from the pros can make a world of difference in your game. And thanks to technology, you can now learn from some of the best badminton players in the world, entirely for free.

Whether you need perspectives from experts or basics on form, one of the best badminton resources is YouTube. That’s because long-form videos can give you the detail and visual guidance that you can’t always get through words alone. 

Without further ado, here are the nine best badminton YouTube channels to subscribe to in 2022.

1. Tobias Wadenka

Tobias Wadenka is a former international badminton player and Germany-based coach with tons of expertise to share. That’s why he runs his badminton YouTube channel, which is full of powerful tips to help players boost their on-the-court skills. 

When you visit his channel, you’ll also find fitness tips and vlogs with behind-the-scenes footage from pro tournaments.

Check out Tobias Wadenka’s channel here.

2. Badminton Insight

Badminton Insight is a well-loved badminton YouTube channel, run by an entertaining pair of pro players known as Greg and Jenny. These two provide detailed videos packed with tips to help you master every aspect of your game. For example, they offer videos to improve your singles and doubles strategy, footwork tips, and step-by-step guides for different shot types.

Check out Badminton Insight here.

3. Shuttle Life

If you want to ace your fundamental badminton skills, Shuttle Life is your go-to source. The creators of this channel regularly upload videos on the correct ways to perform different shot types, footwork, defense, and more. 

They also frequently post YouTube Shorts of amazing shots to learn from and become inspired by.

Check out Shuttle Life here.

4. Volant

If you’re interested in detailed reviews on popular badminton rackets (from players who live and breathe badminton), Volant is the YouTube channel for you. It was started by two dedicated players, Jeff Tho and Henry Wong. 

On the channel, you can find a wide range of reviews, as well as podcast episodes covering all kinds of badminton-related topics.

Check out the Volant channel here.

5. Coaching Badminton

Coaching Badminton is a channel chock-full of expert advice from badminton coach Lee Jae Bok. This is an excellent resource if you want to learn from someone with decades of experience in the badminton game. 

Overall, his videos can help you hone your techniques, catch onto common mistakes, and learn the best playing habits from the start of your journey.

Visit the Coaching Badminton channel here.

6. CK Yew

The YouTube channel CK Yew is another incredible resource for how-to content and badminton equipment reviews. It’s run by an engineer, YouTuber, and badminton lover known as Dr. Chun Keat Yew. On the channel, Dr. CK Yew regularly uploads content on different rackets, stringing tips, tournament predictions, and more.

Check out the CK Yew channel here.

7. Badminton Famly

Badminton Famly is one of the best badminton YouTube channels for detailed tutorials. It was founded by badminton expert Thomas Laybourn, who set out to build an online community for badminton fans worldwide. On the channel, you can find information on shot types, deception, footwork, and more. 

All in all, this is a valuable channel if your goal is to master your strategy and technique.

Check out Badminton Famly here.

8. Basicfeather

Basicfeather is a badminton channel run by coach Morten Frost and player Flemming Quach. The channel is relatively new, but the two creators consistently upload weekly, high-quality content for players of all skill levels.

You can find a plethora of strategies and technique videos on the channel. But you can also find more nuanced tips. For instance, they cover topics such as building your confidence and breaking your opponent’s rhythm in a rally.

Check out the Basicfeather channel here

9. Badminton Justin

Badminton Justin is a YouTube channel run by Justin Ma, a pro international badminton player representing the USA. Justin creates content on the best conditioning drills, strategies, footwork, and everything else players need to know to become their best. 

Aside from that, you can also find videos of his professional in-game play to watch and learn from.

Check out the Badminton Justin channel here.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Online Resources

9 Best Badminton YouTube Channels to Subscribe to in 2022 And the best part is, it’s completely free. By watching and learning from the pros, you can hone your skills and learn how to overcome even the trickiest on-the-court situations. 

For more badminton resources, be sure to visit BadmintonJustin.com or subscribe to the YouTube channel today.

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