Top 5 Reasons Why Badminton is a Great Sport to Start Playing

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From backyard picnics to Olympic showdowns, badminton is a game enjoyed by millions of players in every corner of the globe. In fact, in 2004 ESPN ranked badminton as the second most popular participatory game in the world, with only soccer placing higher.

Whether you dream of becoming a shuttlecock star or simply want to bring some variety into your fitness routine, badminton is a great sport to consider learning. Today, we will highlight the top five of these reasons and hopefully convince you to try this exciting game for yourself!

a badminton player moves skillfully into position to lift the shuttle high into the air off a slow return from the opposing team.
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1. Playing Badminton is Inexpensive

For starters, it can be daunting to pick up a new sport when you need to invest a fortune in new equipment. Badminton is a fun, inexpensive sport that only requires minimal upfront costs.

Simply by purchasing a shuttlecock, racket, and strings, you are already on your way to starting a new sport you will love. Sure, as you get better, you might look into buying comfortable shoes that help you bound across the court or lightweight athletic apparel, but the startup cost is relatively inexpensive compared to other sports.

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2. Learning to Play Badminton is Simple

If you are interested in learning a brand new skill set but don’t have too much free time, badminton is also the sport for you. Just by practicing a few basic moves – and perfecting said moves – you can be an outstanding player.

It takes the willingness to learn these moves, but once you learn them, you can be a star in no time. Whether you are lobbing, smashing, or dropping, these basics are all you need to perfect your game.

3. Playing Badminton Improves Stamina & Physique

Imagine a shuttlecock flying at your head at speeds up to 200 miles per hour. Badminton is also considered one of the fastest racket sports. These sorts of speeds require an athlete who is fast and dexterous.

Regular play of badminton will see a player who experiences numerous health benefits off the court too. Playing badminton regularly improves your metabolism, and we don’t have to stress the importance of having a good metabolism.

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You will burn calories and get rid of excess fat as well as improve flexibility. Oh, is that not good enough for you? It also lowers your blood sugar, therefore, it reduces the likelihood of diabetes. By running around the court, you also improve your lung health. This is better than sitting on the couch, watching TV.

4. Badminton is a Great Team Sport

Interested in the interpersonal benefits of badminton? If you are looking for a way to socialize while still getting your cardio on, badminton is a great choice of sport. Badminton is always played in teams of two to four individuals, with male and female players frequently teaming up to leverage their combined physical abilities such as agility, range, and strength. Such matches are known as mixed doubles, and victory depends heavily on communication and calculated risk.

Badminton can be played in several different ways, but regardless of if you prefer to play one-on-one matches or play doubles, you become a part of a community. Within games themselves, the player also learns effective communication among team players. By playing badminton, you can form deep, lasting friendships with other players.

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5. Playing Badminton Can Strengthen Mental Health

The mental health benefits are also a great reason to play. If the physical benefits are not enough to convince you, playing badminton is also a way to stave off depression and dementia. You can lower the risk of these debilitating conditions by 20 to 30% simply by playing sports every day.

Being active is great for your mind as well as your body, and it is easy to overstate the physical benefits while ignoring the mental perks. The agility required to be a good badminton player makes you think faster and it improves your decision-making skills in the blink of an eye. Or in the whoosh of a shuttlecock.


Today we looked at the top five reasons why badminton is a good sport to start playing. To recap, badminton is economical, easy to learn, improves your physical endurance, helps you socialize, and bolsters your mental toughness. With selling points like these, I bet you’re already itching to take a whack at your first birdie! I’ll end with the same question I often pose to those who ask me, “So, why badminton?”  Why not badminton?

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