Where Can You Watch Badminton Online?

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There are many people who love badminton and crave the experience of watching it on-demand on the internet. With this craving, comes weeding through the different websites to watch the sport for free. Since there are so many, it can be hard to find a website that allows the user to watch their live streams without signing up for a subscription or entering personal details just to watch the show. 

This is where an article such as this one can come in handy. Listed below are a small handful of websites that users can access to watch their badminton online, free of charge.

Oceania Badminton

The first website is Oceania Badminton at https://badmintonoceania.org. This website gives the user free access to watch badminton live streams, as well as information about various programs for children. 

This would be a great website to use if you want a hybrid site that not only allows viewing but also provides information so parents can get their children involved in a sport they love. Since badminton is a family-friendly sport, Oceania Badminton is a good a place as any to get started.

Sportshub Stream

Another website that could be used is a regular sports website such as https://sportshub.stream. A website such as this one houses many different sports, as well as including badminton. Since sports websites are so popular, many of them ask for a subscription or your email to sign up for emails. 

However, SportsHub is different as it allows you to exit out of the email list page should you not want to sign up. Since it houses so many different sports, this website might not be considered the most family-friendly. On the flip side, it still relays information well to the reader/viewer.


Yet another website to be used for viewing the sport overseas is https://eurosport.com This website allows the viewer to see all the European teams as they compete in various sports. Among these, obviously, is badminton. There is a section dedicated to the sport where anyone could sit and watch it played for hours at a time. This is a great site to use.

Olympic Badminton

The final site to consider is the official Olympic website, should you want to keep track of the teams that are competing in the 2021 Olympics. To watch any sport live as it’s happening, go to https://olympicsliveonline.com and head to badminton. There, you can watch whichever team you wish, as they’re performing to get the real in-person experience, without getting up from your computer. 

With the internet at our disposal, it’s easy to find websites that can be used to watch your favorite sports. Although it can be hard to find ones that are free to use, as there are some that ask for personal information to sign up or even subscribe.

However, with a little digging, there are websites that can be found to watch the sport for free. Each of these websites should be able to satisfy the craving to watch badminton online. You can also check out our channel on YouTube to watch high quality badminton content!

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