Where to Find a Badminton Partner: 4 Best Places to Look

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If you have a passion for badminton, you know that it’s one of the most technical, fun, and fast-paced sports out there. But if you’ve been hitting the court by yourself lately, you might wonder: Where can I find a partner to train and level up with?

A badminton partner can help push you out of your comfort zone and add a little friendly competition to your training days. But finding someone to play with can be easier said than done.

Luckily, we’ve put together a list of resources to help you out. Read on to discover four of the best places to find a badminton partner, including in-person and online options.

1. Your Local Badminton Club (or Rec Center)

If you’re wondering where to find a badminton partner, the first best place to look is your local badminton club. But if you don’t have a badminton-specific club in your area, don’t worry — any nearby community or rec center with a badminton court can work just as well.

This is the most straightforward way to connect with other players in your area. Strike up a few conversations, jump into a match or two, use proper court etiquette, and consistently show up to start making friends.

And who knows — over time, you might just befriend your next long-term training partner.

2. Online Badminton Groups

Online groups are another surprisingly great resource for finding a badminton partner. You can start your search by checking out Meetup.com, a website that lists badminton groups and events in most major cities. But if you don’t have any luck there, it can also help to explore local Facebook groups.

By plugging “badminton” and your state, city, or country name into the search bar, you can pull up a list of badminton groups in your area. Aside from that, you can even make your own posts in local city or community groups to plan events and invite other players to join you.

3. Badminton Buddy Finder Apps

The truth is, you’re not the only person who’s struggled with finding a sports partner. In fact, it’s such a common hurdle for athletes that a handful of sports enthusiasts and entrepreneurs have come together to build “buddy finding” apps in recent years.

One such option is FindYourFit — a platform built to help athletes find community and connect with others at or near their skill level. Playo is another useful app made to help badminton players (and other athletes) discover clubs, courts, and partners to team up with.

4. Join a Tournament or Event

Finally, don’t underestimate the power of badminton tournaments and local competitions. Events like these are where you can end up meeting training partners who stick with you for the long haul.

There are all kinds of events you can choose from, ranging from youth-focused competitions to adult doubles tournaments and everything in between. And no matter where you reside, a simple Google search for “badminton tournament near me” can help you easily locate and sign up for one.

More Community Resources

Whether you’re a doubles player needing a teammate or a singles player looking to level up with a partner, the options above are excellent ways to meet other badminton enthusiasts. But if you could use even more support and community in your journey, the resources at Badminton Justin can help. 

Learn about our one-on-one virtual coaching today, or join the Discord community to connect with like-minded badminton players from all around the world.

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