How to Improve Your Badminton Smash: 5 Pro Tips

Justin Ma - May 25, 2022 - 1 comment

Do you feel like you can’t improve your badminton smash lately, no matter how much you practice? At some point in your journey, it’s common to feel like you’ve hit a plateau.

Figuring out how to improve your badminton smash is no easy feat, and there’ll be inevitable challenges along the way. But the good news is that there are a few tips you can use to push past your current skill level.

In this post, find five of the best pro-level pointers to supercharge your badminton smash.

Blasting Past Your Smash Plateau

Here are some powerful tips that can help you level up your smash technique.

1. Strengthen Your Core

Believe it or not, your abdominal muscles play a vital role in the power of your smash — especially your jump smash. In other words, if your core is weak, your smash could be too. 

To strengthen your core muscles, you can try implementing a 5-to-10-minute ab routine at least three times per week. Here’s a quick 10-minute badminton-specific core workout to help you get started:

2. Use the Correct Footwork for Your Smash

Mastering your footwork can boost your shot timing, accuracy, efficiency, and power. There will be different footwork variations for the different types of smashes, so spend some time practicing each of them.

Additionally, be mindful of what your practice sessions look like. You can support your muscle memory by dedicating certain chunks of time to specific footwork techniques and taking regular breaks throughout.

3. Work on Your Non-Racket Arm Placement

When it comes to a strong smash, your arm placement is essential. This is because it can affect your balance, timing, and rotation.

Generally, your non-racket arm should point upwards towards the shuttle as you prepare for the shot. After you hit your smash, you’ll want to keep that arm parallel to the ground and rotate it slightly towards your back. 

This position can change slightly, depending on what you need to support your balance and rotation in each particular shot.

To improve your arm placement, you can study professional players’ smash posture, ask a coach or skilled friend for tips, and practice what you learn.

4. Hit the Shuttle at the Correct Distance

When you hit your smash, the shuttle should be about a foot and a half in front of you. This distance allows you to maximize the rotation of your racket, thus increasing your speed and power.

You can practice smashing the shuttle at the correct distance with a partner or a shuttle launcher. After some training, this skill will eventually come naturally to you.

5. Relax Your Hands

Keeping your hand muscles relaxed before a smash is vital for two reasons. One is that gripping too tightly can hinder the head speed on your racket. The second is that tightening your muscles at the last second can help you generate more smash power.

You can practice this by staying relaxed until the last possible second before hitting your smash shot. Eventually, you’ll get a natural sense of when it’s time to tense your muscles before you swing.

Smash Away!

Figuring out how to improve your badminton smash is tricky. But luckily, there are ways to make it easier.

By following the tips above, you could see your smashes improve in as little as two weeks. The longer you keep a consistent training routine with escalating difficulty, the better your smash shots will get!

Justin Ma

I am passionate about helping people find joy in playing badminton, while also showing them how competitive the sport can be.

Justin Ma


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