Multishuttle Defense Drill

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Sometimes, you and your training partners will have a hard time continuing long rallies, as one side will eventually win the rally. In these cases, it might be better to do a multi shuttle drill instead. In this post, we will focus on the multi shuttle defense drill, a great drill to work on your footwork and consistency.

What is Multishuttle Defense?

Multi shuttle defense is when you have one feeder and one driller. The feeder will simulate offensive shots by hitting drives, punch clears, back drops, and smashes one at a time by holding a stack of birds or picking them up from a box. The driller will do their best to receive every shot and hit it over with decent quality (the better quality, the more impactful your defense will be in a game!

Generally, this drill is done in sets of numbers of birds. Depending on your skill level, you can do 5-10 sets of anywhere from 20 – 100 birds in each set. Keep in mind, this drill is vital to work on and improve your badminton defense — the longer and more consistent you do this drill, the easier it will be to play defense in a real game!

Why Multishuttle Defense?

When you do a drill like 2 on 1 defense or 1 on 1 offense defense, there is no guarantee that you will be playing long rallies. One side is always trying to win the rally, meaning these rallies could be as short as 1 shot. Both sides could also make simple mistakes, causing the rallies to end at unexpected times.

With a multi shuttle drill like this, you are guaranteeing that you are hitting X shots in each rally. This forces you to work on your muscular endurance as you travel around the court to retrieve each shot. By getting used to these movements and muscle memory, your body will be more used to those situations where you might play these long defensive rallies.

Improving Your Defense

There are many different types of drills that you can do to improve your defense, but this is one of the most crucial. The multi shuttle drill can help you improve your speed, consistency, and defense while forcing you to improve your endurance as well!

If you’re looking for other drills to work on to improve your game, make sure you head over to our YouTube channel to learn more! Thanks for reading and see you all in the next post.

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